Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Canada, Eh?

Right after Mandy's wedding we went to Canada for on Onofrio Family Fishing Vacation. We had a great time, caught a lot of fish and I got to see a lot of sights in Toronto. The scenery was beautiful and the Chip Wagons were awesome.

The New Addition to the Vos Family

Cameron Rex Vos was born June 8th. He had dark hair at birth, but lost it and it's growing in lighter. He's just started cooing, he's a very calm, sweet baby. Thankfully he doesn't mind a lot of holding by his aunt. One of these pictures is from shortly after birth, and the other is more recently. He is definitley a Vos.

Goin' to the chapel...

In late June we went to Cincinnati for Mandy's wedding where I was the woman of honor (I hate the word matron). We were able to go to a Red's Game and see friends. The wedding was beautiful. Everyone was so nice. Congratulations Mandy and Nate!

Pomp and Circumstance

We traveled out to Utah for Tony's graduation ceremonies in April. We forgot how much we miss it out there. We were able to eat at some of our favorite places and see friends. The graduation ceremony was very nice, the speakers were great. It was hard to pick out our graduate from the sea of heads though---there were over 6,000 graduates.