Sunday, September 23, 2007

Best Day

Yesterday I had a really really great day. I was able to complete some projects I had started a while ago, and some projects I had merely started in my head. I love running errands on Saturdays. We went out to breakfast to get the day started right. In the process we found THE BEST omelets in town. It was really more of a scramble than an omelet, it was Tony's, he let me have a few bites. I ordered French Toast which was also superb as you can tell from the picture.

After Breakfast we went to IKEA where we purchased some curtains to put up in our living room and bedroom. We had bought the rods a while ago and were debating over whether it would be more cost-effective to purchase the ready-made curtains there or to make them ourselves. After pricing out fabric for both areas I quickly realized that it was going to be a lot less to purchase the curtains from IKEA, they were only $14.99 for two panels 57"x98". Tony worked on putting them up while I worked on some craft projects I had started a long time ago.

The brown panels in the bedroom give a little more privacy to someone who might be in the shower, and allows someone who might still be sleeping to be spared the blinding light in the eye.

Last year, mom and I went to the Antiques Mall at the Erie Street Market and I found these great old photographs. We sat in this booth for over an hour looking at all the funny and endearing old pictures. We talked about what their lives might have been like and how did they end up in these baskets for $.10 a piece? Shouldn't they be in an album somewhere? I had this idea to collect pictures of children and somehow make a collage out of them. I'm always having these great crafty ideas but don't always follow through. Well, then about a year later, Mom and I went to IKEA and we bought some little frames for the pictures, and here we are five months later with what I think is a cute arrangement of little girls. I am going to put them up on Lucy's wall. I think they are charming.

The other craft I did is also for Lucy's wall. I got the
idea from this really cool blog I found called "A Little Hut."

She had all these cool paper-cut crafts and I thought
I could do something like that and this was the result:

We had fun running errands and simply spending time together. I love a Saturday night where I feel a little tired from all the work and fun that was had that day.

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Jennifer said...

You couldn't be more creative!!