Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Green...Go Cougars?

This weekend I went up to East Lansing to visit Wendy. It was kind of weird being back at MSU. It was nice in a nostalgic sort of way...but at the same time seemed really foreign to me. It was a game day and so EVERYONE was wearing green and white (except pink) and it made me think about how I really don't have an affinity for the Spartans. I went to school and worked there for a year, I have a lot of friends and family who graduated from MSU, but I have never felt like it was my school. We went into one of the stores that preys on the families of incoming freshman and alumni and carries loads of MSU items to decorate every facet of your body, home or vehicle, and while there I saw a little Spartan onsie, hat and booties, and I thought to myself...I'd rather have one that said "Cougars." I didn't go to school there, work there or even visit campus all that often but as far as Universities go I have a deeper sense of belonging at BYU. Sorry Ocelots.

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Who are the Ocelots?