Sunday, September 23, 2007

I had to have it!

It is extremely rare that I come across something that prompts me to say the above phrase. I am a very very hesitant shopper, a penny-pincher, and frequently suffer from bouts of buyer's remorse. If I am shopping for myself I fill my arms full of "things," and by the time I'm done I walk out of the store with nothing. When it comes to other people, I have no problem. I'm always thinking of things I would love to give someone as a gift or something that I know they would like...but for myself it's not so easy. However, yesterday I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond getting a gift card for my cousin. This store can be somewhat dangerous for the gadget-oriented in our household because kitchen gadgets are especially hard to resist. I went straight to the counter where I knew they kept the cards to avoid having to look at anything else (hoping my gadgeter would follow). I was finished with the transaction and turned around to say, "Now, where did my husband go?" He had gone off to look at this and that, but luckily hadn't ventured into the aisles, he was just looking in all the bins near the registers. As I was coaxing him towards the door something caught my eye. There was a small display of what looked like baby socks. My first reaction was, "oh how cute, baby socks." Upon closer inspection I saw that one of them was purple with little green apples on it. Babies+Apples? Could it get any better? At this point I was still ready to leave the socks there. Then upon even closer inspection I noticed the "had-to-have-it" factor. It was a change purse! I like to pay with exact change. Tony calls me "Grandma" anytime we're at the store and I say, "wait, I think I have 47 cents" (which I proceed to count out, even if it's mostly pennies). The other thing he laughs about is that I keep my change in a resealable sandwich bag. It's getting a little old and nasty, but I don't have a wallet and since I'm a fan of the change I don't want to have to dig around at the bottom of my purse. He keeps encouraging me to buy a little change purse and because of the fore mentioned problems with purchasing anything for myself I continue to use the grodey baggie. So...babies+apples+change purse. I had to have it.

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Jennifer said...

I like the word grodey