Sunday, September 23, 2007


I've had several requests from out of town friends for pictures of the belly. To me, this means, "we want to see how fat you're getting." In the last week I feel significantly more bloated, and my shoes are not fitting quite right. My face looks a little puffy and my fingers are a little "sausage-y." That being said, I haven't had a day when I've really wanted to be photographed but today I was dressed up for church and so I thought it would be a good day if there was going to be one. I hope you enjoy these photos. Lucy's kicks are a bit more forceful and she's getting a little cramped and is now taking up the space once occupied by my lungs.

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Stephanie said...

So cute! You are adorable, just like I knew you would be! By the way, I voted for the crib, better late than never right? I liked them all though-you can't go wrong!