Saturday, September 15, 2007

Simple Pleasure Saturday

Saturday's are special days where anything goes. They can be lazy, do-nothing days, or exciting, adventure days...I love them. This Saturday marks the start of Simple Pleasure Saturday. I realized the other day that it is the simple things in my life that make me the happiest. So this post is dedicated to something simple that brings me joy.

Thursday night we went to Sam's Club to buy shampoo and conditioner. I like a 2-in-1 product so that I can feel like I'm skipping a step in the shower. I looked over all the choices and the only option for such a product was Pert Plus, and while I like Pert Plus because it reminds me of my dad, I didn't really want that kind. So, I splurged on the giant bottle of Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. Pantene has been my favorite brand of shampoo since the 8th grade when we got a sample in the mail and it resulted with wonderfully silky hair. It is a bit expensive though so since we've been trying to be more responsible in our budget I've been experimenting with other brands, Sauve, Head and Shoulders for occasional dandruff, I even tried the Meijer-brand of what they thought was Pantene. I've notice that my hair has been a little less manageble than usual, a lot more flyaways, and harder to brush but I chalked it up to pregnancy. Thursday night I was so excited I took a shower when we got home from Sam's. My hair was so silky and smooth the next morning. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. Someone once told me that Pantene makes your hair so smooth because it leaves it with a waxy coating, she said it in disdain, but I don't really care. Waxy coating or not, I love Pantene.

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Stephanie said...

Hey Anna! It's Stephanie (Vibber) Prosser. Sorry to be lame and contact you this way, but I saw your comment on Linz's website and got excited that it was you! Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm so excited for you. I'd love to hear more about what you are doing these days, if you get a chance. My email address is