Saturday, October 20, 2007

"The Devil's Starchy Fingers"

"I thought maybe he was trying to impress me, which was sweet, but I wanted him to know exactly who I was, and I told him: I loved fries anywhere, from the fanciest restaurant to the dingiest diner; I loved them greasy, I loved them greaseless, I loved them fat and white and underdone, I loved them brown and loved them crispy. In my own Let Us Now Praise Famous Fries, I spoke as though telling him my most deeply held beliefs, and in a way I was."

This quote is from a book I read, I think it was The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank, but I'm not sure. I love it because I can completely identify with it. My favorite comfort food is french fries, any kind. Even if they are the kind you cook in the oven that are never really great but I'll still eat them. My favorite are homemade like from Schmuckers (ooooh, I could really go for Schmuckers right now). Yesterday at work I was trying to decide what Tony and I should do for date night. It's become more important because I know it's going to get a lot harder to get out once Lucy comes. Tony said he just wanted to go somewhere we could talk and eat. I was racking my brain for a place that wouldn't be packed on a Friday night and where we wouldn't feel like we were being rushed out of the place. I was thinking about this restaurant we would go to a lot when we were dating in East Lansing, Pizza House. They have really really good steak fries and really good ranch, and that's important. There has to be a good dip, whether it's ketchup, ranch, fry sauce...gotta have it. So anyway, I was mooning over Pizza House and wishing we could go there and I thought..."I'll just look at the menu for kicks." Lo, and Behold...on their website there was a glorious discovery! They have an Ann Arbor location! So we went last night. I did have to deal with the Hungry-Angry Hulk at first but overall it was great! I was a little worried it wouldn't be the same and it was...almost better...almost. I had a mint chocolate shake with the BEST whipped cream on top. Oh...I could go on and on.

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Jennifer said...

I would have to say that Cedar Point makes the best french fries I have ever eaten. So yum.