Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have to admit...Hilda has been around a little longer than just my pregnancy and I've always had trouble doing butt/thigh exercises, probably because there's no muscle there...just gelatinous fat that my upper body teeters on. So...Tony keeps saying..."the only way you're going to get rid of that, is lunges." I hate lunges. I really didn't want to go to the fitness room today and thanks to my friend Stacie, I checked out OnDemand's exercise tv. On there I found this butt and thigh only workout. It was 15 minutes of intense muscle burning butt and thigh work. It was great...and only 15 minutes. So I did Kathy Smith arms, back and abs, and then "Tight Buns & Thighs." It was great, I worked up a good sweat and don't feel too bad that I didn't get to the workout room.

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Stephanie said...

lol, I hate post pregnancy butt and thighs! I've been back to my pre-pregnancy weight for awhile, but oh how my body will never be the same again. I dread swimsuit season! It's not fair that some women hardly gain during their pregnancy, and don't have to work at all to take it off! Good for you for working so hard!