Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Food and Generosity

I have a new obsession...a baby food grinder. I love it. Grammi brought it for us, and I love it. I've been a grinding fool...I did sweet potatoes, bananas and pears today.

On another note...a word about generosity. Today I bought the first real thing we've needed for Lucy. When she was first born we bought her a couple of "preemie" size pajamas because she didn't fit in anything. Other than that---nothing...not a diaper, not a wipe, nothing. All because of the generosity of our family and friends. So, yesterday I bought diapers...and I got a great deal! I found the deal on babycheapskate. Luvs jumbo size for $6.99 and with a $1.50 coupon. 50 diapers for $5.50! Thank you to everyone for all the help and love for Little Lu.

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Stacie said...

That is awesome that you have been given so much for Lucy! It really is a bummer to have to start buying things....