Friday, March 07, 2008

Hilda update

NOT A FLUKE! I'm so excited. I've lost between 10 and 12 pounds. The scale fluctuates between those two numbers. I'm excited! I think the accelerated weight loss is due to the extra breast feeding calorie burning. My jeans are way too big now. I squeezed myself into my tier 2 skinny jeans. I don't think my hips will ever be the same. I say tier 2 because they are definitely skinny jeans, but not my ideal skinny jeans, which I pulled out of storage the other night and man---they are little! A few more sizes to go. Even the tier 2 jeans were too tight to be comfortable. I think they'll have to stay in the closet for a little longer, but I could get them buttoned. I have had some rough days where my self-control is weak but other days that are easier when I'm not so tempted. Some key things that are helping me stay in check are my "Ratatootie" theory-no calories wasted on something that's not excellent, portion control, and fun exercise. Thank you Comcast.

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