Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last Weekend

Well, I said I would post something about our trip to UC last weekend when I felt better and I'm still sick and so is Little Lu. Her cough sounds horrible---poor thing. We rubbed her up with the baby Vick's and tilted her mattress and have the humidifier going but every time I hear her sad little (big) cough I feel like an awful mother. Anyway, last weekend we went to UC and spent time with Grammi and Grandpa. We went to look at this cool old house---not that we're moving, but it's fun to look---it had 5 bedrooms, was nearly 3,000 sq. feet and had a detached two story garage with a workshop. It had very cool old wood moulding and ivy growing over the outside---guess how much? Okay---I'll tell you. $129k. We went and played with Carter and Walker at Tahmee's and went to dinner at a great pizzeria in Homer called Cascarelli's. Yum.

Sandhill Cranes

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Suzy said...

I want that house. Wow. Where is it? Cute Easter pics. I remember putting Maryn in a bonnet for her first Easter too. So fun.