Tuesday, March 04, 2008

or not to eat...

The last few days have been extra tough. Since Thursday I've had a few things that weren't exactly on the diet. I ate Taco Bell(!) and an omelet at Zach's(!). They tasted great and I was honestly scared to get back on the scale, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. It wasn't bad at all actually, it was really really good. I think I might have helped my metabolism stay up...or it was a fluke, I don't know. But it gave me the resolve to get back on program. I resisted one of my favorite sweet treats and worked out. Also, when I was turning on my workout program I noticed that there's a section for Jillian, my favorite trainer from Biggest Loser, anyway, there wasn't anything in the category but I'm hoping there will be. I like her drill sargent style. I'll actually post a "pounds lost" entry soon if I find that my weight this morning was a fact not a fluke.
I can smell the creamy, fluffy frosting.

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i don't get it