Thursday, March 06, 2008


When I was in grade school, one of my BFFs, Mandy, had a subscription to Seventeen magazine. I thought it was so cool. Seventeen magazine was something I was sure neither my sister or my dad would approve of but oh how I wished I'd had my own subscription. Many hours were spent on the phone with her giving me the quizzes and talking about the articles. She saved most of the back issues so when I would spend the night at her house I would totally indulge in this guilty pleasure. In each issue there was an article entitled "Trauma-rama" in which people would write in about their most embarrassing stories and then the editors at Seventeen would rate how embarrassing they were. I'm not sure if it means I was "tagged," because I'm not really sure what that means, but Jennifer said I should post about my own piercing experience. Hence the title, "Open the Present you brought as fast as you can,", "Trama Rama." For some reason thinking about my own ear piercing experience makes me think about other traumatic experiences in my life and one stands out in this vein so I'm making this a double whammy of embarrassing stories about me. Please know that these are only 2 MILD embarrassing stories in an endless arsenal of incriminating information. Let me preface by saying I used to be a huge wuss and worrywart. I worried about EVERYTHING as a kid. So when I turned the magical age of ear piercing it would be putting it mildly to say I was terrified. My sister was coming from East Lansing and her, my Dad, and brother-in-law came. I even remember that I was wearing an oversized, "Michigan" sweatshirt. For weeks prior to the big event my Dad would tell me horror stories involving bloody ears and gangrene and my ears falling off. He's a big teaser. So...we went to the Southwyck mall...I found these pictures online and I could SMELL the place and had sooo many memories flood into my mind. Southwyck mall was the closest to our house and was the first mall I "hung out" at as a kid/pre-teen. There was a movie theatre attached with now that I think about it, tiny little theatres which is where I saw my first movie in a group with boys!! Again, with Mandy. Okay...on with it. We got to the little jewelry store, Corey's Jewel Box and I picked out little gold ball posts...I'm sure with my sister's influence...I usually wanted to do everything she did. So, I got in the chair and I'm sure my face was white as a sheet and the lady marked a little dot on my lobes to show where the earrings would be. I was too petrafied to care...they could have been in the middle of my forehead for as much as I was paying attention. So then she got out the piercing gun. Doesn't the use of the word gun make it seem so much worse? Count down, 1-2-3, one ear pierced! Now was that so bad? YES! I must have looked as awful as I felt, probably close to, if not in tears. The gun girl must have noticed because she suggested we walk around the mall a little bit to calm down before doing ear #2. So, we walked around the mall. I can still remember feeling like EVERYONE would notice I had one ear pierced and one ear markered. Oh, I was such a baby. So after some coaxing, prodding and persuading, which I'm sure included something like, "Why don’t you go sit on a bench! " "you can't have just one ear pierced," so I finally went back, and endured the other ear being pierced. And it hurt. A lot. But looking back, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as the pinching my sister did to my ear in order to prepare me for the possible (inevitable) piercing pain. In subsequent years I got my cartilage pierced, oh I thought I was a rebel, and lobes double pierced, (both times by convincing the piercing girl that my friend's big sister was my legal guardian and that my other friend's mom was my mom, and her mom and our other friend's she had fraternal triplets?). Apparently those piercing laws are pretty flexible. I have retained only the first, traumatic pair. Okay---that was enough revelation for one day. You'll have to stay tuned for trauma number 2.

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