Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do you have any Raffi? Reefer? No, Raffi!

I love Raffi. I you are not familiar with his body of work...get familiar with it! It's so fun. I checked one of his CDs out of the library last night and Lucy and I have been listening to it this morning. She is smiling a lot so I'm thinking she likes it. Usually when I tell people about Raffi, they're like, "who," and so I try to explain he's only the awesomest children's singer. I get weird responses to my music taste all the time so it doesn't really bother me. My favorite Raffi memory involves a drive-in theater. In the summers when I was little I would spend a week with my Aunt Susie's family. At the time they had 2-3 girls in their family and it was always big fun. My Aunt Susie has some magical hair-doing fingers. She can do amazing french-braided pig-tails---something to which I aspire---and she's very neat and organized---something else to which I aspire. She always had fun things planned for us to do while I was there, even though I always had just as much fun swimming, playing Barbies, Magic Nursery Dolls, etc. One of the times we went to Coldwater to a drive-in. I thought Coldwater was the funniest sounding name. Anyway...we were seeing "Casper," and I was so excited, it was the height of Devin Sawa heart-throbiness, or rather JTT, but everyone liked him, so I like Devin. So, we were watching the movie outside the back of their van and my cousin Meredith must have gotten bored as she was probably only 2 or 3 at the time and she changed the radio station by popping in the tape in the tape deck. Suddenly at full volume we heard, "Who built the Ark? Noah! Noah! Who built the Ark? Brother Noah built the Ark!" As a 11 or 12 year old girl trying desparately to be somewhat cool this was mortifying...and hilarious. So far Lucy's favorite is Aiken Drum...I think because of the Spaghetti.


Free Spirit said...

Anna, I LOVE RAFFI! My nephew Loves loves LOVES his work. I used to listen to the tapes when I was a kid. Definitely share them with Lucy. It was funny when my mom made copies of her tapes for my nephew we all listened to them. I was amazed at how many of the songs I actually remembered. Another great.....Safety Kids. Know who they are?

Suzy said...

HA! Yes, I'm looking for reefer. Gimme a break.

I remember Safety Kids. I used to listen to them with my nephews/nieces. Hilarious!

My girls really like Scripture Scouts. It's stories and songs about kids going on Scripture adventures...they sell on Deseret Book.