Friday, May 30, 2008


Seven months old!

Since last month's report Lu has:

-made valiant efforts towards crawling...she does a little scooting motion while sitting up.
-Cut 2 teeth
-Lost one binki
-Started a crazy little tired dance. Whenever she's super tired she does a little swaying side-to-side dance that's pretty funny, and everything is funny to her. When she's tired everyone is a comedian.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daily Discoveries

A few weeks after Lu was born I found myself asking..."what do I do with her?" I could only take so many pictures per day, which is an astonishing amount. I wish I had found this website earlier, but better late than never!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Celebrations

We had a nice memorial day weekend, we visited Mom and Dad O so Tony could celebrate the opening day of Bass fishing season in all it's glory. We helped Carter celebrate his 5th birthday. Tony and I got an extra special treat and went to see Iron Man with Christopher and Alison. I don't know if it was just due to my not going "out" for such a long time or it really was a good movie but I really liked the movie. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did and I sorta thought Robert Downey Jr. was a loser but he was great in this movie. I thought it was really good. Saturday night we went down to Toledo to celebrate Mandy's baby shower at Loma Linda's (not sure why I didn't take a picture). It was so fun catching up and Lucy was so well behaved...I felt like I should have given her a reward for being so good. Let's see...then, it was my first lesson with the Mia Maids and I was nervous but it went well. The girls are so great! I love them. Monday we went to the Crosswinds Marsh, it was such a nice day. It was a little on the hot side but it was great. We saw a ton of fish, swans, geese, birds, but no frogs or turtles. However, I did save a turtle from the middle of the road while in Union City. We had a picnic and took a little nature walk. The marsh is a pretty cool place. Lucy was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. All in all it was really fun weekend. Here are a few pictures:

Being silly with Grandpa

Relaxin' with Grammi

Cute little piggy-tail

Swan at the Marsh

Daddy's little sweetie

Thursday, May 22, 2008

And I don't read books, 'cause if they're any good, they're gonna make 'em into a miniseries.

I am getting tired of all the books I read being turned into movies. At first I kind of liked it because I felt like I must be reading good books...worthy of the silver screen, but now I'm tired of it. I feel like my imagination is being robbed of the characters I had constructed based on the author's descriptions. I feel like film producers have run out of good film ideas and are just taking them from best-selling novels and remakes. Today I saw a picture of Cameron Diaz...Crazy Britney Spears style...bald. While I didn't think it was a good look for her I knew it had to be for a movie. Turns out it's for "My Sister's Keeper," by Jodi Piccult. I LOVED that book. I really enjoyed the character development and the twist ending. I had not pictured Ms. Diaz as the mother in this story. I'll probably see it...because I did love the book so much...but it cheapens it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Amendment to my stance on pet hatred

I feel that I should clarify that I don't hate pets. I just really really dislike them. Last night, after my show there was nothing on TV; I'm not into a book right now, Lucy was in bed, Tony was fiddling with his computer, so I was a little bored. I started playing Tetris online and watched, "Animal Cops: Detroit" on Animal Planet. I am not a regular Animal Planet watcher because of my disdain for pets however, my MIL really enjoys the Dog Whisperer so I have caught a few episodes with her. One of these times after Cesear, there was this Animal Cops show and they highlighted a trip to a house in Detroit where a man was some kind of stray cat collector. They took 200+ feral cats from this man's house. They, and his home, were disgusting. Everything was covered in urine and feces. Even wearing masks the Humane Society workers could only be inside for 15 minutes at a time. Sadly, every one of the cats had to be put down because they were so diseased and aggressive. Okay---so last night they were doing a recap show of all the more dramatic rescues they have featured, including this guy and his cats. I wanted Tony to see it so thus the reason for it being on.

After the grodie cat guy there was a story about a dog chained up outside in what looked like a fairly nice neighborhood...I mean, not the ghetto, the cars were nice, the yards were well kept, etc. The dog was obviously malnourished and had been chained down with a tow-truck chain. Due to it's weight, the chain dug into the dog's neck. The worn area was raw, rotting, and several inches deep. I nearly cried it was so sad. The workers brought the dog to the shelter and nursed him back to health for three weeks. After they got his health under control they started doing a type of psychological evaluation to determine if the dog would be able to be adopted. Sadly, he had severe "food-bowl aggression," and had to be put to sleep. I felt heart-sick. THEN...there was a story about an abandoned house where they found a mother dog who was obviously nursing and a couple puppies. They had caged them all up to take to the shelter when they heard more whimpering and opened a closet to find 12 more puppies. The mother had a litter of 14 including a tiny runt struggling to survive. They were all saved and all found good homes, even the mommy who was later named Cinnamon and cared for by a really nice lady. Don't get me wrong, I do not want a dog or a cat or a hamster or a bird...the fish I have are already enough. Tony argues that having a dog is like having a kid...that even though they pee everywhere they are still loveable. However, I can not love a pet the way I love a child. Lucy has thrown up all over me and I barely blinked an eye...but when it comes to pets I do not have the same compassion. I do not want to have to clean a litter box-or pick up poop, ew. But, I do not hate pets. anymore. If you have them, you should take care them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daily Discoveries

and....drum roll please.....

2. a tooth bud! It's a tiny little tooth...just a little white speck. Here is my attempt to get a picture of it:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Discoveries

  1. Carrot flavored yogurt---a no go.
  2. Do you know what magniloquent means?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Etsy Betsy

Familiar with You should be. I read a few crafting and mommy blogs such as A little Hut, the Monogram Momma, and Cool Mom Picks and I found that a lot of them link to Etsy. It's a place for people to sell their handmade wares. I think it's such a cool a virtual craft show, where you can search for just want you want and you don't have to look at all the gaudy, outrageous stuff, you can just look at cats in baskets if that's your pleasure. Anyway...before Lu was born I really wanted a locket, so for a Mother's Day gift Tony started the search. Unfortunately because he knows me so well he knew he probably wouldn't be able to find the locket that would take my breath away. So for Mother's day he told me his plan, and told me my budget and said I could get what I wanted. To some this may seem insensitive and thoughtless but to me it is one of the best gifts I could have gotten. In the past I have been an extremely indecisive about buying things for myself. I think I've mentioned this in previous posts. Whenever I have any money I used to just piddle it away on Taco Bell, extra groceries, whatever. So when Tony told me about the locket plan I was worried that I would have the money and never be able to find the perfect locket. I really wanted something unusual, not just a heart...I wanted something kind of I started looking at a couple places, namely, Vintage Rehab...really cute stuff. But then...I came across the locket. It's so "me." I love it!

Monday, May 05, 2008

To some people that's a really big deal...

A lot of people go to college for seven years...

I received my Associates Degree on Saturday.

I'm going to do a little horn-tooting now.

  • I accomplished a cumulative 4.0 g.p.a.
  • I completed the Schoolcraft Scholars program
  • I achieved Par Excellence membership in Phi Theta Kappa
  • I received the "Heart and Soul" award from Michigan Campus Compact for my dedication to the community.
  • During my 2 years at Schoolcraft I also, moved, changed jobs twice, and had a baby!
However, I couldn't have accomplished these goals without these wonderful people:

Thank you for believing in me.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I've finally been legitimately tagged! Thanks Jamie!

6 Facts/Habits about me.

1.) My biggest pet peeve is people who insist they are right even though you know they're wrong. For example:
"Hey that's the guy from such and such."
"No, it isn't...I know who you're thinking of, that's not him."
"Yes, it is."
"No, it isn't."
"Look it up."
...a few seconds on IMDb...
" have to admit it really looks like him."
"yeah, whatever."

2.) I hate being alone. for any reason. I don't like being dropped off to buy tickets for a movie or putting our name in at a restaurant. I'd rather wait longer and all go together.

3.) I love boy bands. I still put on *Nsync whenever I clean the house.

4.) I am not observant. We'll be in the car and Tony will say, "Whoa! Did you see that?" I will have no clue what he is talking about. I'm in my own little world. I did not notice that aluminum foil has a shiny side and a dull side until this week.

5.) I like animals. I hate pets. Even other people's pets.

6.) I have no trouble at all worming my own hook (or hooking my own worm?) and taking a fish off the hook...yeah...I'm a modern woman.

I tag Jennifer, Leah, Corey, Callie, Wendy, and Tiffany.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sweet Six Months Old

Six months old already. We went to the Dr. today. She weighs 17 pounds 1 ounce and is 25.5 inches long. She is sooo fun! This is a really fun time. I asked the doctor about sleeping since I knew I was encouraging poor sleeping habits by getting her up every time she cried. The doctor told us it was time to ferberize. We put her down awake tonight and planned on going in every five minutes. We only had to go in twice before she was asleep. Tomorrow we increase to ten minutes. I hope it goes just as well. She's such a sweetheart. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple weeks: