Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Catching Up

Gotta catch you up on a few things.

Last weekend, Wendy and I met up in Brighton and went to Chili's (one of my faves!) for lunch. I had such a great time catching up. Then, we went to see "Baby Mama," which was very funny. It wasn't quite as funny as I thought it would be...not as funny as the funniest 30 Rock, but very funny. So two movies in two weeks! It was great to see Wendy...she's such a great friend.
(What's up with the scary pointy face?)

Lucy has a new trick:

And third...ask me why I can't use my garbage disposal. It involves hand flapping.

Last night, I made baked potatoes for of my ultimate favorite dinners. (I found a recipe for baked potato pizza.) I cooked the bacon in the oven because it turns out so delightfully crispy, it melts in your mouth. I also cooked broccoli on the stove top. So...I drained the broccoli and took the bacon out of the oven, placing the dish on the stove top. I took my pincher things...tongs-thank you...and placed the bacon on a plate covered in paper towel. I was getting everything ready when I noticed the grease in the dish was turning black and I thought, "I don't remember it being that black when I pulled it out of the oven," then I realized I hadn't turned the burner off from the broccoli and saw smoke starting to billow out from under the dish. Then the hand flapping began. I flapped for a few seconds, regained composure, got a hot pad and started yelling for Tony. He told me to put the dish down in the sink. As soon as it touched the droplets of water in the sink, it shattered-into a zillion tiny pieces. None of it flew into my face...only a couple shards landed on the floor, thank goodness. I was able to clean up all the glass I could see, but didn't want to blindly reach down into the Tony said he would take the disposal off and clean out the drain (for the third time since we've been married!). However, due to some on-going projects around here, he hasn't been able to get to it. Soo....I have been doing minimal cooking. Pizza for dinner...lucky me!

I had bookclub tonight---we read "The Ditchdigger's Daughters." I thought it was "good." It was quite inspirational. I do recommend it. The conversation was the best part. I really thought we had a good discussion.

P.S. I'm watching "The Family Stone," on FX and "Eva" from Grey's Anatomy is in this movie but I can't imagine her in anything else so I only see her as "smooshie face." Her face just looks not right to me now. It's weird. I love all the decorations in the house in this movie.

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