Monday, July 07, 2008

8 months old!

My little Lu is 8 months old. She is seriously learning so much, so quickly. I think it's Grammi's influence; must be the educational aura. In the last month she has learned to crawl-very competently, pull up to her knees, which is adorable to see when she's in her crib and you can just see her nose and eyes poking up. She can pull up to her feet if she's really steady on something like her toy box but it doesn't happen often. She claps her hands and indiscriminately says, "mama." It's very sweet. She says it a lot when she's tired and wants to be held. I asked Grammi the other day, "do you really think she knows what she's saying?" and Lucy looked up at me with this look on her face like, "um...yeah...who else would I be talking to?" It has been so difficult not being able to pick her up when she cries or be alone with her for very long in case she needs to be moved but things are getting better and better every day. She is really the sweetest and best baby around. She has a smile for everyone...librarians, elderly ladies at the grocery store, even guys covered in tatoos at the hospital. She's so mild-tempered...she gets that from her Dad. She eats anything and everything and is usually happy just to be around. She adores her cousins and always gives them lots of smiles and loud giggles. I love seeing them interact. Oh, she also kind of makes this funny batting her eye lash face. We aren't sure if she's doing it to be cute or what but it's adorable.

Kinda-sorta looking like me

An extra special visit with the girls! It was so nice to see Wendy and Missi. We got to hang out, talk, eat good food...just like the ol' days. I miss 'em so much.

All wrapped up...around her pinky finger.
Lucy has been extra spoiled these last few weeks by her Grammi.
What would we ever do without her?

At the Park.

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Missi said...

I love Lucy in the "at the park" photo. And, I miss you and the good ol' days too. When I was reading your 2nd to the newest post about emailing/printing with Tony, I felt like I was there. It made me happy. :) I imagined introducing Colton to you guys and saying, "These are my friends." I'm looking forward to that. :)