Thursday, August 21, 2008

A luxury for my nose.

I have an apartment that stinks. It stinks so much that when I go other places and open my suitcase...the stink has come with me. I hate the stink. I don't notice it so much inside the apartment but I know it's there. The stink in the hallway is sometimes almost enough to make you gag. Each time we come home from somewhere there is a new description of the smell, it's like that scene from Anchorman...

"it's like a used diaper...filled with Indian food..."
"it's like a turd covered in burnt hair..."

Well, my bathroom also smells like a Jr. High boys bathroom. I disinfect it on a weekly basis with more and more harsh cleaning chemicals. I have tried Pine-sol, Ammonia, Bleach (not at the same time), and CLR. And still...the stink remains. I think it must just be the cruddy apartment grade tile and paint that have soaked up the stinkiest of smells for the last, oh, 40 years this place has been in existance.

On to my solution. There is a smell I love. An air freshener smell that is. It's the Glade Hawaiian Breeze scent. I love it because it is the air freshener that was in my first apartment. I remember walking in and my first thought was "wow, it smells really good in here." I associate it with new found independence, fall and excitment...(and I used to think aromatherapy was a racket, ha.) I usually don't buy the little scented oil refills because they don't last they are a bit of a luxury item. I decided...they're one luxury I'm willing to sacrifice for. One nice thing about having a tiny only have to have one plugged in and it works for the whole place. I love the smell and it covers up the stink of this dreaded apartment I've grown to love. So...from now on, I've decided it is a must, a need; my nasal relief.


Suzy said...

I can totally relate to stinky apartments...I've definitely had my fair share of them as well. We are renting our house right now and it stinks every time I walk in. Old carpets and a musty basement don't help the situation. I have tried plug-ins, candles, air freshener sprays, the works!! The only thing that has really, really been effective is a "Scentsy" candle warmer my sister got me for my bday. It melts the candle wax over a lightbulb (no fires), and works really well. I can't leave it plugged in all day, but it helps when my nose needs a vacation too.

Brit said...

Anna! How are you?! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! Now I can add you to my bloglines and keep up with you guys! Sorry about the stinky apartment, gotta love apartment living! Been there! p.s. your little girl is darling!!!

TeriLyn said...

Anna - I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I lost your blog address a while ago when I had some computer problems. I'm so glad I can stay up to date with your life again! :)