Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mon(tz)'s Wedding

Sorry Maria...I stole your caption.

This weekend one of my best childhood friends got married. She and I met in Kindergarden and remained friends through high school and beyond. Her and her husband now live in the Chicago area but came back to Toledo to get married. The ceremony was at Gesu and it was beautiful...from what I heard in the cry room. Monika's dress was gorgeous, she looked so pretty. It was nice to see her so happy. Before the wedding we went to one of my favorite Toledo diners; Schmucker's. They have really good food and really great pie. It was fun to take my little family back there. I was worried Tony would think it was gross but he really liked it. I can't wait to go back to Toledo this fall to go to the zoo.

Lucy at Schmucker's.

Katy and Lu at the church, waiting for the newlyweds to depart.

There they go...the happy couple...Mr. and Mrs. Montz

Cool, apple centerpieces. Loved it!

Katy, Monika and I.

Lucy had a great time...she got to eat a ton of garbage and stay up way past her bedtime.

Between the wedding and the reception we stopped and saw an old, old, friend, Chris Rumpf. We grew up across the street from each other and spent most of our summer days in their pool. It was really nice to see him and his mom. I love keeping in touch with old friends. I think it helps us not get too far out of touch with where we came from.

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Monika Montz said...

anna , iam so glad you guys could come it was so great see you! Love, Monika

Anonymous said...

the title is a given so i forgive you hahaha :D