Friday, August 01, 2008

Toledo Pride

Jen, the kids, and I made a quick trip to Toledo today. We were waiting in a parking lot in what I used to believe was a pretty safe part of town (my old 'hood) and I saw someone run by---fast---and pull a hood over their head. I thought, "they're running fast...I bet they stole something." I didn't give it much thought after that until more people were running after him. It turned out that this person had stolen a woman's money out of the ATM and made a break for it. He wasn't caught at the time but the police were called. It's funny---I grew up hearing my dad say if we see a police car in our neighborhood it's because they're lost. After all the hubbub we went to Swan Creek Metro Park for a picnic and little walk. It was fun. I was pretty amazed that I recognized the path we were on in the park, I didn't think I would remember that much. Lucy wanted to get out of the stroller so bad. She kept reaching foward for the kids, like, "wait up! I'm coming!" It was a fun time. I miss Toledo.

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