Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of those days

Today I searched through my bedroom for a sock that was already on my foot.

My Baby is Growing Up

Well, Lu's 11 months old now. Wow. What an exciting 11 months they have been. I've been thinking about her first birthday party and am torn between two themes. Let me know what you think. Monkeys or Farm Animals? While you're there, check out the Monkey costume. It's darn cute, but not as cute as these pics:

She is starting to look more like me however she still looks a lot like her Dad and Grammi. Her favorite game is Peek-a-boo...she is still loving animals and she is the light of my life.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The New Aldi is Open!!

Yeah! I'm so excited! The Canton Aldi opened on Thursday---it was great! They had free samples and long lines. It's a lot bigger than the other locations which was nice, but the best part about it; it's only a few minutes away!

Spencer enjoying a free sample.

Goin' to the Chapel.

My cousin Andrea got married yesterday.
The wedding was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
I really enjoyed getting to see so much of my wonderful family
and having such a nice night out with Tony.

Congratulations Andrea and Ryan!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 product reviews

Laundromat in Toronto, CanadaImage via Wikipedia
You know that commercial where the woman throws her washing machine out the window and says, "I HATE SET-IN STAINS!"? Well that is me! I do, I hate them. I have a love/hate relationship with laundry. I hate doing it, but it relaxes me...there is something about folding clothes into neat piles that energizes me. Weird, I know. For stains, I really like OxiClean but we don't have our own washer and dryer and unfortunately they don't have a soak option, so I can't just let a whole load soak in hot Oxiclean water. I've been looking for a great stain remover and got a coupon for this Shout Advanced Gel: formulated for set-in stains.

I was most excited about it because it's a "leave on" remover. Something essential for us apartment dwellers who can't do laundry whenever we want. So...I thoroughly saturated 57 stained items and let them sit for 3 days and then washed them with normal detergent.

The results are mixed, weight more on the "not so good" side. I had 19 items come out completely stain free, yeah! I had 30 items that were "okay." They did have a lot of set in stains, but that's what the cleaner boasted it could do. I knew it wouldn't get everything but I thought it would do a little better. I had 8 items that were "bad" that I really thought would have come out better. So...I really think that it would do well on fresh stains that are laundered more readily. My next stain remover I'm going to try is the OxiClean Laundry Spray.

Okay---next product review. So Dorable hair ties. You've seen Lu's crazy hair:
Her hair grows straight out of the top of her head and all falls forward. It's not quite long enough to tuck behind her ears, so I have to put it up every day. On lazy days it looks like the picture above, but on days we're going somewhere we make a better effort and put in pigtails or even braids...I know---an 11 month old with braids! So I'm always needing pony tail holders. The day I found out she was a girl, Mom bought her a package of little Goody sparkle hair ties and they have lasted us for this whole year. Last week at Target I bought a set of "So Dorable" hair ties in a zillion different colors, there are 600 in the package! Sadly, I didn't realize they are one time use only. I like having all the color options so I don't feel like I have to do barrettes too, but I would rather have the sturdier Goody brand. So there you have it.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Didn't I say please?
photo courtesy of people.com

The dark side. A.K.A. Cutest Blog on the Block

Okay, okay...I've done it...I added a cuteish template. I did NOT want to get on this band wagon, but alas, my fighting was futile. As soon as I find an apple template I'm changing it, so don't get too used to green and brown swirly things.

Weigh in Wednesday

USDA Food PyramidImage via Wikipedia
T + 7

I found this site today-when the new food guide pyramid came out a few years ago
I started tracking everything in there, but I got out of the habit.
Then I found this and it's a lot more user friendly.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This post brought to you by the letters "F" and "J"

I am about 20 pounds overweight...seriously.
I miss my skinny jeans.
I think about how these dietary changes should be permanent.
I Love knowing I have so many friends supporting me.
I know how to be self disciplined.
I want to get to my target weight and enjoy maintaining.
I have the determination to make it happen.
I wish I could invent fat scissors...remember Missi?.
I hate tempting doughnuts.
I am scared of cardiovascular disease.
I feel motivated.
I Hear Jillian yelling at me to stop phoning it in.
I Smell stinky sweat after a good, hard workout.
I don't always want to exercise when I should.
I wonder if Old Navy will be having a sale when I go to buy skinny clothes.
I care about my health and self-image.
I am not afraid of pulling myself back up after a hard day.
I believe in I CAN DO THIS.
I dance with my Lu.
I Sing the sweet song of victory.
I write about my progress on this blog.
I win confidence in my ability.
I lose pounds.
I never give up.
I listen to the encouragement of others.
I can be found walking outside, with Jillian or Kathy, or on the treadmill.
I read the numbers on my scale decrease.
I am Happy.
I Tag Ashley, Tiffany and Jamie.

Monday, September 22, 2008

on purpose

I need to start losing weight on purpose. Over the last couple weeks, I've been thinking about shedding a few pounds. I did my workout for a couple days---and sort of fell off the wagon. Biggest Loser has started, I just watched a few minutes of the first episode and I'm already motivated to recommit myself. Jillian...she gets me. At first I felt a little embarrassed, like, "I ALREADY gave in to temptation and it's only been a few days, I can't blog about that, everyone will know that I have next to no willpower." However, if I'm going to blog about the challenges of losing a few pounds it's going to have to be the good, bad and ugly. So...instead of just contemplating weight loss and hoping I'll lose a few ounces by accident...I'm going to get active. I'm at my heaviest weight right now. Yes, it's post baby, I did lose all the baby weight, but then after I stopped breast feeding I gained back a few pounds so if I'm calling pre-baby weight "T," I'm T plus 8 pounds. I want to be T-20 pounds. I saw the picture on Jen's blog of me when Spence was born---I was so skinny! Granted, I was going through a lot and not eating much, but I'd like to be about that size again-only healthier. So...I saw on a friend's blog that she has a Wednesday Weight In. So, I'm going to copy her idea, for better or worse. I'll report, good, bad or ugly, and promise to step on the scale every Wednesday. I'm a snack-and-treat-aholic. I can replace full fat snacks and treats with healthy treats and it isn't a problem, as long as everything tastes good, and diet food really has come a long way. So, instead of hoping to lose weight on accident, like I have for the last 2 weeks, I'm going to actually try to actively lose some. Thanks for hanging with me! I know I look 12 in the skinny pic, but I promise I was 19. Look at that skinny arm!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunrise Earth...and animals

Today, Sunrise Earth was at a dairy farm in Vermont.

Can you see why the zoo will be fun?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To my dearst Body,

I know we've been through the wringer in the last year, I really put you through a lot, or is it you who put me through a lot? I'll start with what's working for me about our relationship. My favorite thing about you is your tongue. It is the thing I will miss the most while we are separated. I love that you like to eat as much as I do. I love that you keep yourself in perfect working order, available at a moment's notice for extreme conditions like frozen ice cream or piping hot pizza. I love that your ears can hear, eyes can see and that your legs can walk. I forgive you for the tumor because I get that you were just trying to teach me a lesson (what was it again?) and I forgive you for all the pain and heartache over the last few months because I am glad to have you. There are a few things that aren't working for me though...that we really need to work on...namely, the cottage cheese you have deposited on my thighs and the jellyroll on my belly...I know they are comforting to you, but they have to go. I'll give you some time to say good bye, but consider this a warning...they will be leaving. Take care!

Love always,

Monday, September 15, 2008


Okay---I got through part of the video today and I had to stop to get Lu, so I will do the full video tonight...I hate doing workout videos with Tony home because it usually ends in ridicule...but hey, I've seen him in his bike shorts so....I guess fair is fair.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

She's Happy and She Knows It!

There was no hand motions by me...she did it all on her own.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Body Language

In the last couple days Lucy has learned to wave...not just to herself, fold her arms at prayer time and clap her hands during the song, "If you're happy and you know it." It seems things happen all at once. I've been trying to get some video but she usually sees the camera and comes after it. I'll try it with Tony's help.

Shredded it

sweating. a lot.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shredding again.

So, after the surgery I got out of any exercise routine and it SHOWS. After having Lu my metabolism is not what it used to be! Yesterday I went to see the Repro/Endo Doc and filled out the LONGEST questionnaire (11 pages!) and boy are those fertility docs nosy! I had to check "no" after, "do you exercise" and I felt like a big fat schlub. So...Jillian and I had a reunion this morning. I was WIPED and invigorated afterward. I love this DVD and recommend it to everyone. I'm taking her challenge to do it for 30 days, (Sunday's off) and we'll see where I am. She claims I'll be 20 pounds lighter, but I bet I'll plateau before that with the help of the Moose Tracks in the freezer. Anyway...I'm just glad she's back.

I remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunrise Earth

A few weeks ago I taught a lesson to the Mia Maids about Scripture reading. Scripture reading has always been a source of strength for me and I was interested to find this quote in the lesson:

“It is certain that one who studies the scriptures every day accomplishes far more than one who devotes considerable time one day and then lets days go by before continuing. Not only should we study each day, but there should be a regular time set aside when we can concentrate without interference. …

“A quarter of an hour is little time, but it is surprising how much enlightenment and knowledge can be acquired in a subject so meaningful. The important thing is to allow nothing else to ever interfere with our study” (Howard W. Hunter in Conference Report, Oct. 1979, p. 91; or Ensign, Nov. 1979, p. 64).

It really made me think about the "interference" with my study. I always get distracted after a few verses and start thinking about other things...or I think of something that needs to be done around the house and justify reading my scriptures later. I do my best to take advantage of nap times to read. The other day I turned the TV on and the show that was on was "Sunrise Earth," on the Discovery Channel. We used to call it "The Nap Show," because it basically picks a spot on earth, sets up a few cameras and records the sunrise. This particular day the camera was floating down a canal in Venice. I decided this would be a nice back drop for my scripture reading and hopefully keep the daydreaming to a minimum. So I started recording the shows in order to have them available whenever I read. Today I read at Arches, in UT. It was awesome. It's such a peaceful show it really adds a nice element to my reading.

On another note, Lucy was up while it was on and the camera focused on a bird chirping for a while. She got all excited and was gabbering back to the bird...She has such a "thing" for animals. She did the same thing with a seal on TV the other day. I can't wait to take her to the zoo...she'll be in heaven!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sick of it.

I'm sick of Doctor's. Just to keep everyone who reads the blog up-to-date on my health status I am not having radiation treatment...yet. There have been concerns raised about how this will effect my fertility so things are kind of up in the air right now. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support.

She did it!

Lucy took her first steps on Saturday. She took 5 steps in a row...and hasn't done that many since...she'll take a few here and there but so far is still content to crawl everywhere. I'm not in a rush.

Plymouth's Fall Festival

On Friday, Lucy and I went to Plymouth's Fall Festival. It's a pretty fun little street fair; I got to eat fair style french fries-my favorite kind! I got to hang out with Jennifer and all the kids which is always really fun but especially fun when they're all excited. I LOVE having a 12 year-old niece. I love getting to do 12 year-old things with her. If I could go back to being 12, I would, in a heart beat...you hear that Allen Spencer? Ha. Anyway...I'm sure I will love having a 13 year-old niece too, but having an excuse to ride the "Freak Out" with a bunch of teenagers is the best! I love hanging out with Emily. Anyway...the Freak Out would have usually freaked me out but it was a blast and made me really wish I were going to Cedar Point soon. Maybe next year.

I'm facing the camera, waving, and holding Em's hand.

Lucy got to enjoy the crowds from the stroller. She got to eat some junk food and look at all the dogs going by. There was even a lady pushing four Yorkie's in a baby carriage.

Friday, September 05, 2008

You had me at black napkin...

Tony won the March Madness contest at his work this year and received a gift certificate to a great restaurant. So this week we went out for one of our bi-annual dates. We went to a place in Troy called The Capital Grille. Our waitress was so nice. When we were seated they offered me a black napkin so that I didn't get white lint on my black shorts. The food was awesome. We had a great time. Sorry for the grainy pics I forgot the camera and had to use Tony's phone. We were celebrating and so they brought us a free dessert. Tony wasn't thrilled with the side I picked for us to share and the manager came over (we didn't say anything) and offered to get us something else. The service was impeccable and you know how I feel about customer service. I definitely recommend it if you're feeling like splurging.

I realize this picture looks like a toilet seat, but it's my steak. I shared it with Tony.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

10 Silly Things About my Silly 10 Month-Old

1. She growls like a little gremlin.
2. She's little Lucy Castro. She hates it when anyone leaves her area.
3. She puts her binki in upside down.
4. She only waves to herself.
5. She is unnaturally attracted to electronics for a baby.
6. She has abs of steel.
7. She loves taking a bath but hates being rinsed.
8. She has an alarming affinity for animals. Especially, ugh, dogs.
9. She'll eat anything but hates baby food.
10. She'll blow raspberries on your arm.

She's a silly one and she fits right in.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

cuteness button

I wish 3 things about cameras: 1.) They had a "send" capability, so that when you take a picture with a digital camera you could "send" it to other cameras so you don't have to go through the, "take one with mine," redundancy. 2.) That I had an internal camera in my head (I know it's supposed to be my memory but mine is far from photographic) so I could catch the cutest moments in which bringing out a camera would ruin, and 3.) That they had a "cute" feature. I catch Lucy doing something cute or making a cute face and I take the picture at the exact right time but on the camera is just doesn't look quite as cute. So hurry up technology.