Friday, September 05, 2008

You had me at black napkin...

Tony won the March Madness contest at his work this year and received a gift certificate to a great restaurant. So this week we went out for one of our bi-annual dates. We went to a place in Troy called The Capital Grille. Our waitress was so nice. When we were seated they offered me a black napkin so that I didn't get white lint on my black shorts. The food was awesome. We had a great time. Sorry for the grainy pics I forgot the camera and had to use Tony's phone. We were celebrating and so they brought us a free dessert. Tony wasn't thrilled with the side I picked for us to share and the manager came over (we didn't say anything) and offered to get us something else. The service was impeccable and you know how I feel about customer service. I definitely recommend it if you're feeling like splurging.

I realize this picture looks like a toilet seat, but it's my steak. I shared it with Tony.

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Jennifer said...

I love your header. That apple looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Chef's Table in Orem had me with the sorbet that was meant to cleanse the palate, so I know what you mean.

In answer to your comment on our website, you were TOO generous with the compliments, but thank you. I was against homeschooling for a long time but felt like every time someone brought up the subject of homeschooling that I had to REmake the decision to NOT homeschool. Finally I recognized this pattern and in order to feel final about it I decided to research and pray about it so that I could know with a certainty that homeschooling was definitely out. Well, the opposite happened, and here we are.

I love the What Your _____ Needs to Know books by E. D. Hirsch: