Monday, October 13, 2008

MacQueen's Orchard

On Saturday, Katy, Lucy and I took a trip to MacQueen's Apple Orchard. We were going to pick apples but I wanted Honeycrisp and those weren't available for picking so we just walked around the orchard for a little bit. It was a bit hot and pretty smelly as a lot of the apples had fallen off the trees and were rotting in the heat-ew. We looked at the crafts and doo-dads, got some cider and really had a nice time enjoying the sun. The last time I remember being there was probably in Girl Scouts which included a visit inside the "cold storage" was so cold in there! Also, I was surprised to see that the cider mill really wasn't a mill anymore. It used to be a huge wooden press and now it's just a shiny metal machine. I was a little nostalgic for the old one, but I do love technology so I can't complain. Thanks for such a fun time Kater. Next week we're going to the Franklin Mill in Bloomfield Hills with Grammi---can't wait!
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Rachel said...

Cute pics. So which is your favorite mill? My sis is coming to visit this week and I was going to take her to a mill. I have been to the one in Northville and wanted to know which ones you like the most.

Danette said...

I love MacQueens. We went every year as kids! I miss it!

Katie and Brandon said...

Man I love those photo collages! I need to find an excuse to make one! :)
PS- I'm making our blog private and i'd really like to invite you, you can leave a comment on mine or email me at