Friday, October 24, 2008

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

You might have heard me mention that my dear, dear camera has gone missing. As a mother and a blogger my camera has become essential. It has been missing for two weeks now. Grrr. Lucky for me we have a bit of a camera loving family and I was able to borrow Grammi's old camera in the mean time. It took a while to get the right cord to download the pictures but all is well now. are a few random shots from the past couple weeks that I wanted to share.

Lucy and Grammi at the Franklin Cider Mill

My hobo daughter in her apple hat.

Lucy and I enjoying the ducks.

Lucy not wanting to leave the ducks.

A cool pumpkin I can't remember the name of.

This is the life...

Lucy and Uncle Denny

Being a cheeser in the car.

Thinking she's getting away with being sneaky.

One the race car at the park...when did she get so big???

Goofy face.

What was that?

Let me see if I'm free...

Yeah, I think I can pencil you in.

Do you think we need a van?

Asleep in the car.

Lucy and Bunny at Grammi's

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Missi said...

These pictures are too cute! I love the "scheduler" sequence -- and the purple sweater and apple hat. They look so good on Lucy!

GramMO said...

I'm proud of the little Dog Whisperer. Do you see how Lucy is calm and assertive? That's MY granddaughter!