Monday, November 17, 2008

Count your blessings

I have some thing to catch up on but I wanted to post these thoughts I've had that are of a somewhat spiritual nature. This weekend was the opening weekend of deer hunting with a gun. Tony went out in the cold and snow to appreciate nature with his Dad. I went to two sessions of Stake Conference. Elder Clayton M. Christensen was there and his talks were so uplifting. A lot of the focus was on missionary work and testifying of the Savior. I heard a few different people talking about Heavenly Father knowing us individually and I felt a bit like, "whatever," not that I don't believe that, sometimes I just have a difficult time remembering it. At the close of the Sunday session the closing hymn was to be "Count Your Blessings," but at the conclusion of his talk Elder Christensen was so overcome with the Spirit that he asked that we rise and sing "The Spirit of God," instead. It was beautiful. It was in that hymn, flubbing up the words because I didn't have a hymnal, that I really felt God's love for ME. I felt of my responsibility as a mother and the challenges of raising my very special daughter in the last days. It inspired me to think of my Patriarchal Blessing and remember times that I have felt that personal knowledge from Heavenly Father. I went away feeling very uplifted and newly inspired. When we got home Sunday night I had to rush off to get to Young Women in Excellence. At the close of the meeting we sang, "Count your Blessings." As we were singing, the words really struck me and I had another moment of "He really does know and care for me." I felt so blessed to be a part of the Young Women's organization because it has helped me to grow in my testimony and witness what a wonderful generation of Youth we have and to continue to inspire me to fulfill my role as a mother and to make sure Lucy is growing up in the sort of home her warrior spirit deserves.
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Missi said...

Thank you for your post, Anna. I've been having similar experiences... I feel like I'm finally remembering some important spiritual things too. You always inspire me.

TeriLyn said...

I really enjoyed reading your spiritual post. I need some work in that arena so thanks for the reminder.

And thanks for the link to that other blog about Bikram Yoga. I'm not sure if it made me want to go more or not! ;)