Monday, January 26, 2009


I made this today.
I actually made two.
The first one was my prototype which Lucy destroyed.

This is where I got the idea:
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Katie and Brandon said...

Um- AWESOME. I want you to make me like 20. Seriously!

Missi said...

Whoa! That thing is cool! Where'd you get the idea?

The Holdaway's said...

That is neat!

GramMO said...

What a fine making! Is there light in it? I think you could sell them! It's beautiful. These, only way smaller, used to be made from Christmas cards way back when I was a wee child. I remember liking to look at each of the sides. Hmm there you go, a recycle project for your favorite greeting cards, too! You have so much cleverness and craftiness. I'm in love with you, daughter of mine. "shshmiss" : word of the secret passage way to commenting!

GramMO said...

The joys of a big ward. Enjoy!!