Thursday, February 19, 2009

Return to me.

When I lost my camera I thought it was stuck in the couch, so we took them apart, took the bottoms off, shook them out, I took a flash light through all the nooks and crannies and didn't see it. Then I started to think, well, maybe it was in my pocket when I went out to get our take-out and it fell and is gone forever. I was hoping that wasn't it because it would truly be the most expensive item I'd lost and was making me feel pretty bad about myself.

I was sort of resigned to the fact that it was gone and decided to be "okay" with it and just, "let it go." Then I started reading a book by Gene R. Cook, an Elder in the LDS Church. The book is about the power of prayer and faith. In the beginning he tells two stories of lost items and then the prayers of faith offered and the subsequent finding of the objects. He really made me reflect when he said something to the effect of, "you don't think this can work for you, do you?" and then challenged the reader to think of something that might take more faith than just our standard offerings and to plead more earnestly, to be more obedient and to repent more fully.

So...I decided I was truly going to exercise my faith...I really thought the camera was gone and that if it was found it would truly be a miracle. I got on my knees and prayed. I was sincere, I asked for forgiveness, I gave thanks and I asked simply that if it was His will, that I would find my valuable camera and if not, that I might have peace in my heart over the matter. After the prayer I distinctly felt that the camera was in the couch and that I would find it. So, again, I got out the flashlight, I found little crevices I hadn't seen the first time and really believed I would find it.

But, I didn't.

I was a little discouraged and felt a bit deflated, thinking that maybe my prayer wasn't good enough, maybe I wasn't as good at interpreting the promptings of the Spirit as I thought, and just let the matter drop. I recieved a new camera for Christmas and have been very happy with it, even though every time I would drive by the gas station and restaurant I went to that night I would wonder if the old camera was smashed to a zillion peices in the parking lot or if someone had found it and had just deleted the sweet pictures of my new neice. Not to mention the times I have been reminded that I lost the camera. It was like it proved I was irresponsible and couldn't be trusted with valuables.

A couple weeks ago Lucy got ahold of one of our remote controls and when she saw me coming promptly threw it down onto the floor. When she did this the battery cover flew off and I couldn't see where it landed. I assumed it was under the couch and would have to look for it later because I couldn't feel it and they're too heavy for me to lift alone.

Last night, finally ready to look for the battery cover Tony decided to move one of the luck. Then the other. There was the battery cover, on the floor. Finally...something that had disappeared into the vortex of the apartment had reappeared. We aren't crazy, things aren't just disappearing.

This morning I was playing with Lucy in the living room and saw a little string hanging out from under the couch and thought, "that looks like the wrist strap of my camera," Then I thought...but it's on my desk...that couldn't be the OLD camera. Could it?

Lo and Behold! When I tugged on the string the familiar black and silver shape of the old camera came sliding out from under the couch. I almost didn't believe it. I turned it over in my hands a couple times before it sunk in. I found the old camera! I called Tony and tried to make him guess what I'd found because this was too good to just come out and say. He wouldn't play along so I just said it, but there you have it! It was found. I knew all along that it was in the couch, hadn't the Spirit manifested that to me months ago? Why had I given up? Why did it take so long for this prayer to be answered? I don't know the answers to those questions yet but I did get back on my knees to offer a prayer of thanksgiving that my exercise of faith had worked and that the camera had been found.

Truly a miracle.
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Katie and Brandon said...

wow! Congrats, seriously, that is a cool story. ANd you know how I feel about cameras. I would die.

Rachel said...

Wow! It sounds like your couch likes to play hide and seek with you :) Thanks for sharing the story. I often have those same feelings of doubt. This is a sweet reminder that prayers are answered through unwavering faith.

Kimberlee said...

That moment when you found your camera must have been a sweet moment: realizing you had, indeed, correctly recognized the spirit. Your blog is really cute, I especially love your title.

Stacie said...

That was great to read the whole story...what a cool story! I'm so glad you got your camera and that your faith was strengthened.

John said...

good story. Shake those couches. You never know what might fall out. We might have a kid in there we forgot about.

GramMO said...

That is purely AMAZING!!! but it shouldn't amaze us that much should it? The Gospel is true. Heavenly Father DOES love us, hear and answer our prayers. What a good lesson for us all. Thank you for shearing such a wonder-full moment.

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! That John comment was mine. It was when I was trying to make the "How to Start A Blog" thing for last night and I was trying it out. I started a blog for a random John called "Boogers." I must not have logged out of it when I commented on your blog. Too funny!