Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Journey Without Television.

March 9-13.

Day One

Today went really well. Lucy was sick for most of the day and wanted to be held a lot but it was nice for me. It reminded me of when she was a little baby. She did something really cute today. I was asking her if she could say, “Sam,” in reference to a little stuffed bear she has. She wouldn’t say it but she started to “roll” her arms for “Ram-Sam-Sam.” It was adorable. She is very smart and able to pick up on a lot of what is said to her. She didn’t each much today though, I hope her appetite improves tomorrow. Today I got a normal amount of things done but I felt better about it. I felt like I was doing more. I gave Lucy a bath and cleaned out the tub after she pooped in it and then gave her another bath. I folded two loads of laundry. I made about 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I cleaned up Lucy’s throw up. I washed her toy bear. I did the dishes. I researched quilting. I blogged. I read blogs. I emailed. I read 11 chapters in the BoM. I read 3 chapters in my novel, The Killing Sea. I made dinner. I planned FHE. I cleaned up dinner and did the dishes. Delivered the cookies. I worked on my YW lesson. Facebooked. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Day Two

Today was much more frustrating because Lucy is still sick and Tony is now sick. I really wanted to stick Lucy on the couch to watch TV but I didn’t. She stuck to me like glue (snotty, sneezing glue) all day. At one point she even wrapped her arms and legs around my leg. I still was able to get a lot more done than on a usual tv-filled day. I did the dishes, cooked the meals, did two loads of laundry, gave Lucy a bath, made two dozen chocolate chip cookies. Read another 20 pages in the BoM. Finished The Killing Sea. Designed a new header for my blog. Unpacked a box. Packed a box. Went to Meijer for medicine and Borders to look at sewing books-there were sew many I wanted. Ha. I also organized Lucy’s closet which felt great…all organized by size and type. I’ll spare you the inventory.

Day Three

I have developed a twitch. I am not kidding. In my left eye. It will not stop. I will not cave. Today was really hard. Lucy has been feeling better which means she has been into EVERYTHING. She’s standing on the open door of the dishwasher, climbing on the dining room chairs (a newly acquired skill), and unloaded two shelves of the bookshelf about 15 times. I wished so much that I could have plopped her down in front of Elmo. I did get a lot more done though. Today I organized my closet, made another 3 dozed chocolate chip cookies---I can’t stop. Made my visiting teaching appointments (hello?! It’s not even the 15th!) Emailed, blogged, read another 20 pages in the BoM, cleaned off my desk, unpacked two boxes, started working on a St. Patrick’s day craft, made the bed, uploaded pics to Facebook, organized the laundry, researched some sewing books and went to the library. Tonight I’m going to start reading another book by Marianne Pearl and eat a couple cookies. One thing I’ve noticed about this change is that I don’t feel so hurried all the time. I used to feel rushed and I’ve noticed now that I’m taking my time and being a lot more deliberate in my actions. I also forgot to mention the meals, prep and cleanup. I feel like somewhere inside of me was an organized person who just didn’t have the time to manifest herself, she was too busy watching the Amazing Race and Project Runway. Don’t get me wrong, once this week is over it’ll be back to the boob tube for me…but I will be more judicious in my consumption. For a little while at least.

Day Four

I think I’m “over the hump,” as they say. Today my views on the television have really changed. I feel so much more in control of my own life. I feel like I’m much better organized and much less hurried. I feel like I’ve been through media detox. It’s a really good thing. It’s causing me to reevaluate how I spend my time and realize that it’s mine to spend. I also realize that out of all my “shows,” the only one I miss is The Bonnie Hunt Show. It’s funny to me because I just started watching it but I felt like I knew her and she was my friend, like a friend’s aunt or something. I think maybe I’ll write her a letter about it. Anyway, today I didn’t do all that much because frankly, I did it all in the first three days. There are still some boxes that need to be put downstairs but that is a “Saturday Project.” Today I started a little sewing project to reacquaint myself with my machine. I did my visiting teaching, read 18 pages in the BoM, read several chapters of my new Pearl book, finished my YW lesson and handout, read the VT message, looked up some recipes for some homemade cleaning supplies, blogged, Facebooked, cooked, swept and mopped the bathroom floor, and played with Lucy. I’m thinking about going TV free all day during the days…except maybe Bonnie.

Day Five

Today was GREAT! I have felt so good today, more like myself than I have felt in a while. I know it’s because of the media purge, increased self-awareness and increase in spirituality. Today I spent the day with Jennifer, talking and enjoying one another. It was a wonderful day. After I got home I made a grocery list and Tony got home shortly after. I kept the house clean (I wasn’t home) and stayed organized. I finished that book by Mariane Pearl last night, I really enjoyed it. I’m nervous to watch TV tomorrow. I feel like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar. I’m worried that my resolve will slip away and I’ll be back to watching the Housewives on Bravo…could I just stop watching Real Housewives! So, my plan is to stop watching all television during the day except Bonnie and to have a TV-free week every month in order to accomplish bigger goals that need to be done, like seasonal clothes being switched out and organized; things that always seem to be left undone. I have felt so much more clear headed and better about myself and more deliberate with my actions. I used to think I was just a disorganized person, but I’m not…I just wasn’t letting myself have the time to be organized. I just needed to watch 15 more minutes to see who was eliminated from Top Chef, Survivor, Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, etc. and I realized, it just doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see tomorrow what has happened all week, but I’ve really enjoyed the calm. I’ve really enjoyed knowing where my shoes, camera, keys, Lucy’s shoes, coat and sippy cup are. Who knew that my scatter-brainedness and disorganization could all be tied to the television? This has been such a good exercise for me, thanks for reading and taking this little journey with me.


Ashley Katherine Lloyd said...

I'm very proud of you Anna. I must ask, what's with all of the chocolate chip cookies? I want some! Okay, back to the main point here though. I also started cutting back on TV (I decided not to watch American Idol this season)and have also noted that I just don't miss it THAT much. Now this does not mean that I have cut TV out altogether, if you count movies. I'm still a Netflix junkie. I just need to limit the amount of time the bubs spend watching movies now, I think!

Jennifer said...

I love you sew much!!

Missi said...

Anna, such a great experiment. I need to do something similar. I'm ok with the TV (I watch one show a week - CSI on Thursday nights, and sometimes the show right after it.), but my time on the computer is out of control! I waste so much time. I need to make a list of things to work on and limit my computer time, mainly facebook. What a time vacuum! If I replaced facebook with thesis research, I'd be done with my thesis yesterday. ;) Thanks for the inspiration. I need to up my scripture reading too. And improve on a bazillion other things... :) Congrats on all the wonderful things you got done this past week. Great accomplishments, and a great FEELING of accomplishment. Great job. :)

Stan and Jenn Nicolaysen said...

You are so good! I love feeling like I get alot accomplished. Perhaps I would feel it more often if I cut out TV. Good for you.

GramMO said...

You are an inspiration to me. I need to be free from the vacuum which is the TV downstairs. I certainly have enough to keep me away from it. I really could start today.. This could be MY TV free week. Boy, did you notice if you miss a few keys it says TVfreek? ... and who wants that?

Molly said...

wow- Anna- that must feel awesome to have accomplished so much this week! I am with Missi- I only watch one show a week- Survivor- but it is facebook, and blogs that take up all my time- I need to do what you did- but with the internet. You have motivated me- good job!