Saturday, April 18, 2009

Digital Clutter and Wireless Conflict

Now you are seeing precisely what I see, when I sit down to write posts, edit photos or make movies. Today, I installed a new device to my desktop; a tablet. It's labeled, "Bamboo," in the photo. It's a small writing and drawing tablet for working with artistic programs, it does things like handwriting recognition and other neat stuff I can't remember-I sort of breezed through the tutorial so I could get to the drawing part. After I installed it, my mouse went bananas. It was all jumpy and skittish. I im'd the local IT guy and he said I had something called wireless interference. My wireless mouse was interfering with the wireless pen used with the tablet. Who knew?

We are a very gadget oriented family. My in-laws warned me that Tony was the gadget guru and I didn't really think much of it or care at the time...what I didn't realize is that it would slowly take over my life. We've had some technological malfunctions around here lately...and a death in our Geekdom. Tony asked me which of our computers I would like to sacrifice in order to get a replacement. It was like being asked which of my children I loved more? How could I answer? They each have their own wonderful can I choose? So, I didn't. I said no, we can't afford it. I'll wait until we've saved up for it.

Another thing I've wanted to mention is the amount of digital clutter I've amassed. My Marjorie piles are all under control now. They might make a fuss every once in a while but I keep them tightly in check. However, with tactile clutter cleared, my digital clutter has exploded. I have bookmarks and icons to who knows what. And, I recently realized I have almost 12,000 photos. 12,000 photos taken since 2003. Can you believe it? It's so easy to snap away, but harder to hit delete. What if I want to use that picture someday? What if it might make a good background for something? How do I choose one smile over another?

So more interference--move over, make room and get along.

P.S. We're working on a photo-condensing program in order to delete and duplicate photos we may have due to reimaging and back-ups and the real number of photos is over 20,000.

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