Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend at Grammi's

We had a great time at Grammi and Grandpa's this weekend. It was the opening day of Bass season, a holiday on par with Christmas in the Onofrio household. The men caught a lot of fish while Lucy, Grammi and I went to "Mooville." Mooville is a dairy farm with a petting farm and a creamery where you can buy fresh ice cream, cheese, milk and a lot of other "stuff." We had such a fun time, we played with the animals and stopped at Garage Sales.

Dad fried up the fish, which were delicious! That night Grammi and Nana put Lucy's hair in rag rollers. The curls the next morning were adorable. Her hair is so fine, like mine, so some of them fell out in the night but the result was pretty sweet.

Lucy spent the night at Grammi and Grandpa's Sunday night and Tony and I SLEPT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

The pictures just get cuter and cuter! There is too much cuteness!!

GramMO said...

I am SOOOOO in LOVE!!! Parents and siblings,A husband, 3 sons, a daughter, another daughter, and another and now a grand daughter. IT DOES just get better and better. The sum of the parts is much greater than the whole! I am blessed with so much love!!!!!