Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Macro

**PLEASE, click to enlarge**

I love you.

I love shooting in macro. It is my favorite function on the camera. Whenever I take pictures of an event I try to take a couple macro shots in order to give some depth to the project. I feel like I can remember the details of the event better. I also love it for photographing food, it's perfect for blogging. It doesn't work so well on toddlers b/c you need a fairly still subject and toddlers are the antithesis of still. So, someday, when my ship comes in, and by ship I mean Digital first lens purchase will be a macro.

Love, Anna
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Jamie L said...

I really want a macro lens- Its almost necessary for close ups. I found a zoom one (18-55, I think) for $400. I may have to wait until next years tax return!