Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today, Jen, some of the kids, and I, went to Music in the Park. It is one of my favorite summer traditions. I love the entertainers, the dancing, and being out amongst the people. The performer today was Guy Louis-he is my very favorite. He really knows how to get and keep the kids' attention and acts silly with them and encourages their dancing and singing. He seems like such a nice guy, someone you would want as a friend. It started to rain towards the end and I was actually prepared with a raincoat and umbrella (!) I took this cool picture. I LOVE to take pictures. Sometimes I like to go places just because I know there will be cool pictures to be had after. I almost always have my digital camera with me. I have tens of thousands of pictures on my computer. I think my obsession with photos has to do with my poor memory. I say, "I forgot," all the time. It's true, I just simply forget things really easily. I think by taking pictures I'll be able to remember events and people. Which is probably why I take so many of Lucy. I know her childhood will be short and so I must have zillions of pictures to document what we've done together. I have an exceptionally difficult time deleting pictures. I only delete if they're REALLY bad. I do spend some time cropping, de-red-eyeing, and otherwise improving my photos. I usually use Picasa because I am very intimidated by PhotoShop. I consider myself to be a relatively intelligent person but PhotoShop is an enigma. For my birthday this year, I got a new scanner and it came with some photo editing software, ArcSoft PhotoStudio. I decided to try it out today on this picture. It's not perfect, but I learned some valuable skills. It has many more applications than Picasa, not as many as PhotoShop but is somewhat easier to my opinion. So, I've been thinking about talents and photography is definitley something I enjoy and will continue to improve. Here is the original photo:
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Stacie said...

Way to go! Your editing is awesome! Such a neat picture.

Missi said...

I love it! Good job, Anna. :)