Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The one filed under "REALLY?"

Did you know they make "baking raisins," that are "pre-plumped." This way you don't have to soak them. Wouldn't they just be grapes? Really.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The one about another craft.

I have been wanting to make one of these crayon cozies for a while and when I bought Lu some Crayola mini-twistables on sale last week, I realized this would be the perfect opportunity. I followed the instructions from Skip to my Lou. It was fairly simple and fun. I used velcro to close it, because I didn't have the right size elastic. It was a fun one...I think I might make some more to give away as gifts.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The one that was random...

I hate sippy cups. I said it and I stand by it.

I ♥love♥, however, geeky crafts.

So when Tony sent me the tutorial, I wasted only about three seconds looking for cardstock and my x-acto knife. Use heavier paper than average crafty card stock-or mount your card stock to heavier cardboard.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The one about overcoming fear and fulfilling a dream...

I've been thinking about it for a while. Thinking that I could never do it. Then the goal came along. I needed to develop a skill...what skill? What could I do? When I was in 8th grade our school shuttled us to the area high schools for "recruitment." We were able to take a tour, ask questions, and generally see what life would be like at NDA, SUA, CCHS, or dare I say, Cardinal Stritch if High School Musical were true to life. I knew I would go to SUA whether I liked it or not, which was really fine with me. Allegiances to the various schools started young and ran deep.

During our visit, the choir sang a few songs. I thought they were beautiful and talented women, the singing was so vibrant, they seemed to glow. For the last song, they formed a circle around the tables of us Jr. high kids and sang, "Cast Thy Burden," accapella. I was moved. I've always loved hearing choirs sing even though I am, to say the least, not good. So...I joined the ward choir on Sunday. I was so intimidated and I think I sang with the wrong part. I didn't think I was a Soprano because a.)I have no idea what Soprano means and b.) I can't sing very high and still use my natural voice. I sat with the Altos and attempted to follow along. The first song we sang was one I had never heard before which really didn't help. I started out okay but by the end was hoping I could just shut my voice off and pretend to sing. The choir is beautiful...I'm trying to just blend in. I could hear my voice getting quieter and quieter in hopes that my mistakes wouldn't stand out too much. I didn't know when it was or wasn't okay to breathe, I didn't know what a Fermata was, or pick up; it's been a really long time since band. Which, come to think of it-hated and fudged my way through that too. However, I am determined to improve. I went to the church website and look up the songs we're singing and played the Alto part...it is too low...and I can't read music, so I really need to just stick to the melody. I printed out a list of the musical symbols and definitions so I can learn them...hopefully quickly. I am excited to be singing with a vibrant group...maybe in time my voice will get a little louder.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The one about mountains of duck

I have been working on my Personal Progress for the Young Women's Program. It is amazing. As an adult, I see what I should have put into it as a youth and how much better prepared I would have been for life. I really didn't put my heart into it-it was just something I had to do. Granted, it has changed a lot since I was in YW; it is a lot more involved now, or maybe it seems that way because I am more invested. Anyway, for two of my goals I have been working on being a peacemaker and on patience. I have been able to handle situations that would normally rufffle my feathers and let things roll of my back. I have been praying for help and really felt like life was going great. Then Fast Sunday hit. Oh man. I was completely unprepared. I was looking forward to fasting because I really love the extra closeness I feel with Heavenly Father. I was not expecting the way the fatigue would affect my ability to stay calm, patient and peacemaking. It was so hard and I have to admit, I totally lost it. I came completely unglued and my grouchy mood lasted well into Monday. I felt angry at myself for losing it when I felt like I had made spiritual gains and upset that fasting is supposed to be a good thing and I could only focus on the negative aspects. I felt like Satan was working extra dilligently on me and sadly, I let him win, if even temporarily. However, I did learn some things in the process. You know that feeling when something is going wrong, that things will never be right again? I totally had that. But, I was compelled to gain some perspective and remember that failure is an event; that I could repent and move on. I've been able to pick up again, being happy, hardworking, patient, and peacemaking, and apparently alliterative. Ha. I have focused on how to reconcile within myself the triggers of my hostility and give them their outlet without being rude and selfish. So, in my unending quest for perfection I have learned that you win some and you lose some, and thank goodness for the unending supply of second chances.
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Monday, September 07, 2009

The one where we said goodbye to Summer.

A drive-in movie in the driveway.
Completely awesome.
We watched "Bedtime Stories," and ate yummy movie theater snacks.
It's definitely a new family tradition.

* * * * * *

On Saturday night, we played Spades...it's really the only card game I know,
unless you count Go Fish and Old Maid.

* * * * *

We had the Stake BBQ, where I was able to see a lot of the girls from Girl's Camp, and coincidentally a girl I went to camp with probably 10 years ago. Her in-laws live in the area. We both kept looking at each other and it took us a while to place one another...you know, where you keep staring, like maybe if I look at her long enough, I'll remember where I know her from? Funny. Lucy got to play with one of her best pals.

We have a lot of tomatoes from the garden, so we made salsa and pico de gallo...I thought they might taste good on fresh baked chips. I was right. Awesome.

I don't know any better way we could have bid summer farewell, than with
good friends, family, food and fun.
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The one about bread and sewing. Not a repeat.

I made that good bread again. Today, I made it into hoagie buns for french dip sandwiches-which are my favorite. The bread didn't let me down...it was awesome. I did a couple different things this time, after mixing the yeast, salt, sugar, oil, water and half the flour, I let it sit for a while so the yeast could get all frothy, which it did beautifully. Then I added the rest of the flour and a little bit of flour at a time so that it formed a better lump. Does that make sense?

While the bread was baking, I sewed a skirt. It's quite cute, but it doesn't fit me. It won't even begin to think about fitting me. My size from clothing manufacturers is not the same as pattern manufacturers. If you want it, and can fit a 2 or 4, it's yours. The first person to claim it can have it. It's nothing special, just a simple skirt sewn by a beginner, but I hate to see it folded up in my "wad" of fabric. It's 25" from top to bottom-I'm sure there are official sewing terms for those, but I don't know.