Thursday, October 29, 2009


I took this picture at a really cool yard sale, in Dexter. We stopped on the way to the Cider Mill, because I saw a ladder-back chair that I had to inspect further. They had a lot of antique toys, jewelry and furniture. Lucy loved the bell on this little fire truck-which was a little out of our price range at $120.00. I scored the chair for $5.00. It needs some repairs, so I guess I'll be learning some new skills soon. I just finished Lucy's Halloween costume, I'll post pictures after the party or on Halloween, I don't know which. My brain is melting into a Halloween/Birthday soup.

We carved pumpkins tonight. Lucy kept saying, "get the guts out." When did she start speaking in sentences? She has also learned the word, "never," which is hilariously frustrating.

"Are you having a birthday party?" "NEVER!"

"Pick up your crayons, blocks, babies, etc." "NEVER!"

There will be more to come after all the festivities.

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K+B said...

Love that firetruck!! and those are fantastic pumpkins, well done! I painted mine and it looks diseased.

Lindsey said...

I hope Lucy has a great birthday! Two already - can you believe it? She is looking so grown up with her long hair in ponytails.