Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Today, Lucy and I are doing nothing productive. Actually, almost nothing, I did make some rolls for YW tonight...so maybe tomorrow we'll really do nothing. And "why," you ask, are we doing nothing? Because for the last two weeks we've been busy getting ready for Halloween, making costumes, planning parties, making decorations, going to parades, trick-or-treating, learning to crochet, learning to cook mussels (amazingly easy), baking bread, baking cake, making croutons, eating chili, buying and wrapping presents, and vacillating between having fun and completely stressing out. So today, is for nothing, almost.

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Diana said...

that cake looks amazing and time consuming and the detail on Lucy's costume is inspiring. You are a perfect mother. I wish I were more like you. Take a day or two off, it looks like you've earned it.

The Lloyd Family said...

You are AMAZING! I think you deserve at least a day off. Lucy's costume is adorable, the food looks fantastic, the cake looks SO cute and so yummy, and your crocheting looks perfect. Martha Stewart better watch out!

Katidid said...

Love Lucy's costume, you are so clever. And like the other commenters I agree you need a "do nothing day!" I can't believe how big Lucy is getting and her hair is getting so long. Thanks for sharing Everything.

Stacie said...

1. Lucy's costume was SO adorable and I didn't get a chance to tell you on Friday night.

2. I want to see more pictures of that awesome cake!

3. Having a Halloween baby is going to make for more of these busy weeks in the future.

4. You are incredibly domesticated!

5. You are amazing!

6. Take a break!!

bethy said...

Lucy makes a darn cute lil' cowgirl. I love Halloween and this year it seemed like we were celebrating for a long time. I was ready for October to end but it was fun.

P.S. When I played the video of Lucy saying "Happy Birthday" Gracie looked up from her doll playing and asked "Is Nina awake?" I thought it was funny because their little voices do sound similar.