Monday, January 11, 2010


"Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience;
You are raising a human being."

-Kittie Franz

I read this on a friend's Facebook page yesterday and boy did it get me thinking. I think about this concept every time I turn on a movie for Lucy so that I can "get something done." I hate that about myself. Our TV had broken for a while and man, it was really a blessing. I learned a lot, our house was a lot cleaner, I was a lot happier. Then my handiest of husbands, took it apart, figured out what was wrong, ordered a new part and fixed the darn thing. I love the TV. I call it baby number 2. I can get addicted to it so easily and it really bothers me. I think my TV issues stem from childhood because TV was such a luxury. We didn't have cable most of the time but when we did we just watched incessantly...when we didn't we watched incessantly. The TV was on before I left for school and as soon as I got home. I usually did my homework on commercial breaks. I knew exactly what was on, on every channel, all the time. TV watching was fairly unrestricted in our house...except for that one show...that when caught watching it may or may not have resulted in the cord being cut in half.

I don't want that for Lucy. I don't want her growing up watching a bunch of junk. Granted, the things I plunk her down in front of are squeaky clean, Little Einsteins, Super Y (when I can get it) Peep and the Big Wide World (my favorite) and Disney movies. She will watch anything anytime. I wake up every morning saying, "Today will be the day we don't watch any movies." And I'm really good, until about 3:00, and I give in and turn on the Incredibles for about the millionth time and listen in as I make dinner, surf blogs, clean the house, cruise facebook, etc. Whatever it is that I need to "do." It's just an excuse. Not that she can't watch anything-she can, but I find that if I try to let her watch just one 10-minute episode of Peep, by the time it's over she's screaming for another one and I give in and put on the 100 minute Peep playlist.

Lucy's mental health and cognitive growth are two of my top priorities and today, I'm going to start acting like it. I keep thinking about how "they" say our brains/personalities are pretty fixed by the age of three and so I only have about 9 and a half more months to make sure she's not just a TV loving drone. Today will be different. I'll let you know how it goes.


K+B said...

you're so good. Thank goodness for DvR, so I can record things and hopefully deal without it for most of the day when I have my little one. YOu're such a good example and you're so right. Wish I could come over and help you out!!

Stacie said...

Thanks for this quote. I am going to print it out and put it in a very noticeable place...or several!

Jacob also has the issue of wanting more TV once it is on at all.... It makes me not want to ever turn it on. But I also know that I need a little sanity. We're pretty good about keeping a decent limit each day.

Good luck! You are a great mom!

Jennifer said...

Please don't be a no TV mom! We have to have TV. We are TV people. Do I sound like I am trying to drag you to the dark side? I am. Just keep the Simpsons to a minimum and we'll be ok. ;) Love you!

Rachel said...

I totally know what you mean! I struggle with the same thing... but have slowly, very slowly gotten better. The thing that has helped the most for me is scheduling our week so we have fun things to look forward to and keep busy with. Good lucke!