Friday, January 22, 2010

This weekend if...

Time, money and calories weren't a concern.

I would still do the grocery shopping, but I'd do it here:
I'd be there looking for the hormone free, free-range chicken.

Then I'd get lunch:

and a little dessert:

and then one of my all time favorite places for date night:


Missi said...

Looks like a wonderful day to me. :) What temple is this?

Anna said...

It's actually the Toledo museum of art. And, we're going today! I am so excited. I found out there is a neat exhibit about story book illustrations

Missi said...

lol That's funny. It's really does look like a museum - reminded me of one of the temples though. :) Very exciting that you get to go today! You'll have to tell us about the exhibit later. At one point, I thought I would like to do illustrations for childrens book. Can't wait to hear about it! Have a great trip! :)

GramMO said...

Hey look on craigs list for hormone free range chicken. There's a guy here in Union City that has them you have to email him your email. He'll tell you the butcher dates. He sells them as live birds and butchers them as a free service. $1.85/a pound. I sent my email just now and will tell you when I hear from him.