Friday, February 26, 2010

I feel like I live in a snow globe...

Seriously...I am so ready for Summer. I hope it's a really hot, sticky one.
This picture is from a couple weeks ago; Lucy and Grammi were out playing in the snow. She sure is lucky to have such a fun Grammi. We've had a lot of great news around here lately...Lucy will be getting two cousins this Summer, Genn(y)(ie), and Baby Boy O yet to be named. We're really excited to have more family, there sure isn't anything better. Here are some other things we're really looking forward to this summer:

Music in the Park
The Lake(s)
Going to the Park
Spray Park
The Fourth

So, come on Spring...HURRY UP!


K+B said...

four gazillion percent agreed.

Jennifer said...

OOOOOO....I can't wait for all those things too! I'm 90% sure its Genny. Does it look ok? Lu is lucky to have her fun Grammi! I love that Lu!

GramMO said...

Love That! Lucy really gave it her all. I think she really thought she could pull me! That was a fun day. Who would have thought we'd still have all that snow and more here at the end of Feb. Good news is the robins do always come back. One poor birdie was back in our yard singing his( her) heart out LAST Saturday. I think we're all ready for spring.

Kimberlee said...

Oh I am so with you! Hot Sticky Summer so we can go to the pool or the lake EVERYDAY and not freeze like last summer.