Friday, March 05, 2010

2010 Mom Awards

Rave reviews:

"Four stars to the amazing ensemble cast."

"Amazing food, great laughs, a feel-good kind of evening."

"Best Mom Awards of 2010."

"Moms light up the night."

"The Moms make you laugh and cry at the same time."

"Some of the year's best performances."

Thank you to everyone for making it such a fun night.


Callie said...

Will you tell me more about this? I'd love to host an event like this with my girls!

K+B said...

that's such a cute idea!

Rachel said...

Thank you guys for hosting such a fun event. You two are so creative. I'm lucky to have you as friends.

Tess Murphy said...

It was a fun night - and the red carpet was such a great touch. Next time, I am wearing a gown!

GramMO said...

What a fun ward you live in!