Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slow down...I'm not ready

...is exactly what I want to say to Lucy.

Today, during Lucy's nap, I was doing my afternoon exercise routine. I heard her door make a sound and immediately my adrenaline started pumping. I screamed in my head, "please let that be the wind!" Sadly, it was not. Lucy waltzed out of her room and proclaimed, "Momma, I'm awake!" I was stupefied. So, I did what any mother with her priorities straight would do: I made her lay on the couch watching Nemo, while I finished my workout.

After dinner we converted the crib to a toddler bed and as it got closer to bedtime I become more and more anxious. We went through her normal routine, put her in bed and she stayed...for a little while. She's only come out once, but I'm interested to see how this will work in the morning, at nap time, (if there still is a nap time) and bedtime tomorrow.

I've been thinking about my readiness as a mom lately. When Lucy was a newborn and I was feverishly studying, What to Expect the First Year, I knew exactly what milestones were next and couldn't wait to help Lucy achieve them, smiling, rolling, blocks, etc. Now, I am doing the reverse; I need a pause button. I was reading an article on Potty Training and it mentioned parent's readiness...I realized, Lucy shows all the signs of being ready but I am the one who is freaked out. I have a suspicion that this is just going to keep happening. Lucy will be ready for new things and I'll be clinging to the vestiges of her baby blankets. Oh, Lucy...stay little.


Stacie said...

I know...it's wonderful and hard at the same time. Sweet post.

Katidid said...

I know its hard.

Benjamin said...


Shelly and I always enjoy reading your blog. It's nice to have you and Tony go through all this before we do. I can't help but think maybe I'll personally be more excited for the "bigger kid" stuff than the baby stuff. Like going fishing and playing catch with my future kids. But then again, I'm coming from the uninitiated side of parenthood.