Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

Tony truly outdid himself for my birthday. It was an awesome day. He ordered the sunshine especially for me. I woke up about 6:30, I was just too excited to sleep. He said 'Happy Birthday,' and surprised me by taking the day off work to spend it with me. He made me the yummiest cinnamon rolls. Calories don't count on your birthday, right? He told me we were going for a surprise! I LOVE surprises. We got on the highway-which he has done to throw me off before-but I was totally stumped. Usually he'll give off a few clues as to what his surprises are but this time, my only indicator was that I'd be totally full by the end of the day. I thought maybe we were going to a buffet of some sort but that didn't really make sense. We kept driving..."are we going to Airfoil?," I asked. Nope, then I thought maybe we were going to 5 Guys, but we kept driving...he said it was a place I had been before but I have the WORST sense of direction and had no idea where we were other than near the temple. We kept on driving and I thought the only place I'd been around the temple was the Franklin Cider Mill and that didn't make sense either. I started seeing signs for Somerset Mall and Tony knows I've always wanted to go shopping there but the "full" thing didn't add up. Then we pulled into Capital Grille! YEAH! It was awesome. I love that restaurant. He had made a reservation and they decorated the table for my special day and I totally indulged. It was so good. After that he took me shopping. He laughed trying to imagine me attempting to remember how to get back to where we parked. The mall was huge and beautiful and clean and lovely. I got some white shirts. SURPRISE! I love white shirts.

We stopped at a colorful candy store that had sour fruit salad...another birthday miracle. They even had a bin of just the sour apples from the sour fruit salad.

After a couple errands, we went home for Tony's famous meatballs, which I asked to be made into meatball sandwiches. YUM. I was sufficiently full at that point. Mom and Dad took care of Lucy all day-and she was even potty training-I am so blessed. After they left and Lucy was in bed I went and did a little shopping by myself. I am still in search of a new pair of "favorite" jeans. Maybe I'll try those NY&Co. jeans that are supposed to look great on everyone. I tried on some awesome jeans at J.Crew but I'll save that for Trim Down. I came home and we had ice cream and a little TV. It was such a perfect birthday. I told Tony he could take next year off.



Emily said...

I'm glad you had an awesome birthday! It sounded like fun!
Happy Birthday! :D

K+B said...

YAY!!! WEll done tony!! That sounds amazing!!! I'm SO happy you had a great birthday!!
PS, HOW MUCH DO I SUCK?? I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was your birthday. I'm so sorry. I will have to get you something.

Stacie said...

Wow, Tony, you are setting the bar high. Way to go!

So glad you had such a special day and got sufficiently spoiled. You deserve it. :o)

GramMO said...

"Kidding" That's right! Tell him Not a good idea for husbands to go backwards..... I'm glad we got to help out with such an awesome day. we LOVED our part! PS that middle picture in the birthday collage surely makes you smile you are definately trimmed! COngrats!