Monday, April 26, 2010

Why I love being married to an IT guy reason #1,227

For the obvious reasons, like Sunday morning and I'm trying to print handouts for my lesson and I can't get the printer to print and he's still in bed so I rush in with my panicky voice, "TONY! The printer won't print and the effectiveness of my lesson depends on it!" He always dutifully solves the problem. I know, I know, I should be doing that on Saturday-but alas, those handouts always get forgotten until the last minute. I'll resolve to be better.

Anyway, because this field is constantly changing, reinventing, and revolutionizing it suits his curious nature. Tony does a great job of knowing what the next "big things" are; he always knows the coolest, newest tricks. I love Google. A lot a lot. I use Google Reader to keep up with my blogs. I read all my friends and family's blogs as well as a slew of interesting photography, craft, sewing, and food blogs. The only thing I don't like about Reader is the feature that some bloggers use in order to make sure their sites are getting more traffic, and that is to put up just the first few lines or even just the title of the post and then forcing me to click through to their site. I don't like to do this because it's distracting. I am easily distracted. If I have to actually go to your blog, I'm going to have to look at all your friends' blogs, too...and then their friends'. So, it's much more efficient for me to just read the info in one place. I was expressing this complaint to Tony and he showed me an add-on called Better GReader. If you're like'll love it. Now, when there is an abbreviated post I can click on a link that says, "Preview," and it pulls up their site within the Google Reader pane. It is a time saver on my time wasting. Find info on Lifehacker's site. Thanks Tony.

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