Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Weekend

Well, Today was supposed to be a busy today going off to the temple this morning and then chores and grocery shopping but my poor Lucy hurt her neck last night and is feeling pretty yucky so we're laying low today until her appointment with the pediatrician. So-I guess I have time to post about our weekend. We went for an extended weekend in Union City. We visited Gram (Lu's new name for Grammi) at work, We got to play with Aunt Susie and Hayden, shopped at Horrock's-I wish there were one closer to us, and Lucy got to fish for the first time. She was adorable. Grandpa got her a Tinkerbell fishing pole, you should have seen her face when she saw it. Priceless. Tony would get a fish on the hook for her and taught her to reel it in. She was ecstatic. She wasn't afraid of it at all. We put it in a bucket so she could watch it for a bit. She kept talking to it, telling it about the "big water," after that she promptly told us she wanted to catch a shark. I'm glad she dreams big. ;) Saturday, while the men fished some more, Gram, Lu and I went to an Alpaca farm. They are the craziest looking animals. They just sort of stare at you-like they're too dumbfounded to do anything else. We had a lot of fun visiting and having adventures. Good thing we get to go back soon.

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bethy said...

I hope Lucy's neck feels better soon. Her hair has grown so much, she looks like such a big kid. So cute!

Thanks for your comment oon our blog. There is actually an article in this months friend mag about modesty. It made me want to give myself a pat on the back. ;)