Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been reminded several times this weekend of the wonderful life I have. It is not the perfect life. I am not perfect. I am not worthy of all the blessings that I receive. I am striving to be better at showing my gratitude to my Heavenly Father.

1. Secret Crafting!
2. I learned to make these gorgeous singed fabric flowers-they are supposed to look like Peonies (my fave.)
3. Double rainbow outside my apt. on Saturday. I went out for a bike ride, chancing the weather and seriously-it poured on me. I was freezing and soaked and I was only out for ten minutes.
4. MY SEEDS! They're sprouting! This pic is of the first plant, green beans. Sprouting since then (Saturday) are a corn plant and a summer squash. I love gardening.
5. Mother's Day-oh my heart is so full. I was spoiled. Tony and Lucy made breakfast and brought it to me in bed. I lounged around all morning, and lazily got ready for church. Church was wonderful. I think Mother's Day church is my favorite of the year. After, Tony made an amazing dinner (6. French Dip and Sweet Corn) and then we Skyped with Grammi, Grandpa, Nana, Papa and Bunni. It was so nice to "see" them.

Tony hit the nail on the head for my gift. I had hinted at a few things I'd love to have and he certainly delivered. My hobbies are: eating, cooking, crafting, and exercising. As you know, I've lost a few pounds (almost 40) and my main form of exercise has been cycling. I've been wanting a bike computer for a while so that I can see how far I'm going each day and my pace, etc. But because of the trainer, only the back wheel spins and most bike computers are set up to work with the front wheel. So-Tony bought one (7) , then used some extra cable (8) to allow it to work with my back wheel. I love it. I've been in a little rut with cycling lately and today was my first workout with the computer-I did 10 miles in 70 minutes. I know that doesn't sound fast, but keep in mind that it's stationary so there is no coasting. He also got me a sweet fanny pack/utility belt (10) to keep my phone, keys, and wallet in when I cycle or run outside. I am tempted to wear it all the time, like as a purse, WHY did fanny packs go out of style? I love them and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I also received a dough blender that I'm excited to use-hopefully on that Raspberry Rhubarb Crunch. MMM...Anyway. I am blessed to have been so well taken care of yesterday that it makes to easy to resume my duties today. Life is good.

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Stan and Jenn said...

Raspberry Rhubarb Crunch sounds so good right now :)