Wednesday, August 04, 2010

THE best zucchini

Thank goodness for our garden.  Some day, I'm going to have a gigantic garden filled with all sorts of yummy fruits and vegetables and I'm going to have a little table out front for all the extra stuff-just like my grandparents did.  For now, we have a smallish garden at Jen's and we have had some bohemoth zucchinis.  I know you're supposed to pick them sooner, but sometimes those babies just get hidden under all those giant prickly leaves and they grow like we live next to a nuclear reactor.  It's great for me because that means more grilled** (broiled) zucchini.  This recipe comes from my father-in-law...he made it for us a couple summers ago and man, I couldn't get enough.  It works with summer squash too, but for some reason the zucchini seems to have been made for Italian food.

Slice your zucchini long ways, brush both sides with EVOO (did I just say that?!) sprinkle with dried oregano, dried basil, garlic powder and a little kosher salt.  Let it broil until they begin to brown, then turn and let the other side brown a bit. Seriously-yum.

**You can do this on the grill but I have something against preparing food outside.  I don't mind if other people do it for me, I mean, I'll eat what comes off the grill and even reluctantly, what comes out of a dutch oven, I just shouldn't be in charge of fire or coals.
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