Monday, September 06, 2010

Totally Lazy Labor Day

Laboring we are not.  It's after 4pm and I'm still in my pajamas.  The last time that happened Lucy was months old and I was in that white-hot, blinding time of newborn parenting.  It's sort of fun doing nothing.  I did kind of clean up the kitchen so we could function and gather up the miscellaneous toys from around the house and throw them into Lucy's room, but mostly, I've played Plants vs. Zombies.  Let's see, about 5 years ago, I went to Time Out for Women.  It was awesome-good speakers, good companionship (miss you with my whole heart, Ash) good music, spiritual upliftment and all that...Sherri Dew was one of the speakers that day and she talked about one of her recent lazy days.  If I remember right, she was having a bit of a tough day and so instead of going into work and, she stayed home and played Game Boy all day.  It made me feel great to know that she was just like us, and by "us," I mean other non-perfect, about-to-be-translated women.  I have met all my families' basic needs as far as food, drink and diapers, but beyond that-mom is pretty checked out today.  I don't have a child going to school tomorrow and so I won't have that distraction from the chilliness in the air. I'll have to find ways to motivate myself to do something tomorrow but for today, Happy Un-Labor Day.

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The Lloyd Family said...

Miss you too! I'm glad you had a happy un-labor day. :)