Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Best.

I think this has been one of our best
General Conferences.  By "our," I mean, our family.  Some years have definitely been better than others as far as planning and attentiveness, but this year, I feel like we had things a little more together. The Spirit could be felt, we could take time to teach and talk with Lucy and we prepared for meals and things ahead of time so the in-between times didn't feel so stressful.  I tell you what, there were so many talks that I needed to hear.  Maybe I am more moldable this year but I felt more inspired to make good changes in my life.  Conference came at a time when I really needed the spiritual nourishment and I felt like I was eating it up as fast as it was dished out.  There were a few talks I felt like were over my head, spiritually speaking, that I'm looking forward to going back through, but President Uchtdorf's talk about our optimum speeds for success was the reminder I needed to refresh my goals and evaluate my priorities.  

I am so grateful to have a living prophet.  I am grateful to be a member of a church that teaches its people in no uncertain terms how to navigate the turbulence of life. 

I found this picture when I was looking for a photo of the Conference Center.  We were babies!  This was April Conference 2004.


K+B said...

You know, I really wish I felt the same. I know it was an amazing conference, but I was fighting both falling asleep and an 8 month old... Oh, it was hard. I'm very disapointed in myself,
but President Uchtdorfs... man, I loved it.

The Lloyd Family said...

I whole-heartedly agree!

Jennifer said...

You guys are so cute!