Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lizard is 2!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!  Time for Oktoberfest!  Jen made traditional German foods.  I had Spaetzle for the first time I can remember and it was amazing.  I racked my brain for gift ideas and then thought about how we passed Lucy's kitchen on to Lizzie a while ago and she needed some play food to go with it.  I thought about making a birthday cake but couldn't figure out how to keep it all together.  I asked Jen what Lizzie's favorite foods were and she replied as I thought she would, "Candy, cookies...all the good stuff."  So, since we've all been a little obsessed with the Cupcake Station lately, I decided to make cupcakes.  They were so fun to plan and make but the best part was seeing how much she loved them.  She opened them and passed them out and put them back in the box, in and out. 
She's such a sweetie.

The sweet birthday girl.

 and look as this little cupcake:
Baby Genny

With all the crafting, I didn't have time for Lederhosen this year,
but I did manage to channel Heidi for some braids.


The Lloyd Family said...

Alright Martha, just STOP already! Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!

Jennifer said...

Best Cupcakes Ever!! Best Sister Ever!!

K+B said...

have I mentioned I love thos cupcakes? I do.
Cute little girl!
and that baby genny is SO cute. LOVE that picture so much!

Stacie said...

Fabulous! Way to go, Anna. Cute pictures, too.