Monday, November 22, 2010

Hard Work

It's been on my mind lately.  Probably because everywhere I turn in my apartment there seems to be a mess and I am lacking the ambition to clean it up.  I need a little more hard work.  I don't know about you, but I am the type of cleaner who does things in spurts or as necessity requires.  I'll have a super clean week, then a couple weeks of what can be described as maintenance at best.  It goes the same for my scripture study, my diet and exercise, my craft projects.  Then something will throw things out of whack, like a trip out of town, or even just a busy weekend and things have gone from maintenance to very bad.  In all arenas.  I'm then sort of mired in a dirty laundry funk.  There gets to be too much to do so I just don't do any of it, then after a few days Tony's I'm so tired of the mess, I get on a super cleaning kick.  Restart cycle.  There are a lot of things I use as my excuses, "oh, it's raining, I can't clean," "I think I'm sick, I can't clean," "I forgot to watch the Amazing Race this morning, I can't clean," seriously, they are endless.  Tony has worked hard to counsel me on the ways of time and project management but I just can not seem to get it through my head.  I know I should do the laundry, I know I should do the dishes RIGHT after dinner, I know I should work hard all the time, not just a week here or there.

Over the weekend, we had Stake Conference, Elder Ringwood was the visiting General Authority.  His talk focused on the war chapters of Alma, specifically 43-50.  He reminded us of Moroni's strategy against the Lamanites and how hard he worked to maintain his people's security.  Elder Ringwood likened Moroni's attempts at keeping his people safe to our families and homes.  We need to build fences and pickets and lookouts around our homes, in other words, we can not be lazy in our scripture study, prayers and church attendance.  I had never thought of those war chapters that way.  He then reminded us that in "there never was a happier time among the people of Nephi, since the days of Nephi..."  They were keeping the commandments and they were happy.

Another speaker reminded us of Elder Christofferson's General Conference address, "Reflections on a Sanctified Life," and the quote from Joseph Smith that "by continuous labor we were able to get a comfortable maintenance." (JSH 1:55).  This is what I needed to remember.  Continuous labor.  Do the work every day.  Make sure Lucy knows we love her and that we love each other.  I'm resolving to be more consistent on a daily basis, instead of a monthly basis, and strengthen my family.  I want to live life thinking there had never been a happier time, every day.

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uh, hello, you're fabulous. never think otherwise.