Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Proudest MOMent

This past Sunday was the first time Lucy sang with the Primary kids during Sacrament Meeting.  The Chorister invited the 3 year old nursery children to join in with the "big kids."  They sent a little note home explaining the idea, the song, and it noted that if your child was shy to feel free to come up with them.  I talked to Lucy about whether she wanted to go herself or me to go with her.  She thought about it for a minute and then said, "I can do it by myself."  We practiced her song a little bit during the week and when the time came for her to go up she didn't hesitate for an instant.  She walked her beautiful little self up to the stand and marched right up to the podium.  She looked up at the microphone and then back to Tony and I and said, "It's TOO high!?"  She had a worried expression on her face which I knew meant, "How is anyone going to hear me sing?"  She thought she was supposed to sing into the mic instead of in with the gaggle of other children.  With a little guidance she found her friend Joshua, whom she refers to as her boyfriend, she gave him a kiss and then was ready to sing.  I could see her little face beaming as she sang out every word.  I felt like a proud mama hen when she walked back to our pew.  She was proud of herself and man, I was on such a high.  She was so brave.  I see so much in her.  I see a future missionary unafraid of sharing her light with the world.  She is such a special girl and yesterday was such a special moment. 

In third hour I found out Lucy gives her first talk during Primary in February...that gives us lots of time to practice. :)  I can't wait.

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